The Easiest Clean Up Process for a PolyJet 3D Printer

   By TriMech Marketing on September 29, 2020

Proper printer maintenance is key for the optimal performance and longevity of your 3D printer, so today I want to discuss a quick and easy way to take care of your new Stratasys J55. We’re going to run through the Routine Cleaning Wizard, which should be utilized after each build.

The Routing Cleaning Wizard has gone by a few different names throughout the different PolyJet 3D printers, and it has been a tried and true step since its inception to help maintain the print heads and ensure the longevity and good health of the machines. Both the head cleaning process and the wizard itself have seen significant improvements throughout the years, and with the J55 it is the best yet.

First and foremost, being able to navigate through the wizard directly from the onboard touchscreen is a truly convenient feature. Due to the location of the heads and the design of the chassis, the heads are both easily accessible and visible when facing the front of the machine, which eliminates the need for a mirror and makes the overall process that much simpler. And lastly, the roller automatically spins when the wizard is initiated, making it easier to clean. Now that you know what sets the J55 Routine Cleaning Wizard apart from its predecessors, let’s go ahead and dive into it!

How to Use the Routing Cleaning Wizard

Begin by removing the completed job from the build tray. To do this, we will need: rubber gloves, a spatula, a scraper, cleaning wipes and isopropyl alcohol. First, start by pushing in the large button right beneath the build tray labeled PUSH, and then rotate the tray slightly until you hear an audible click. This will indicate that the tray is locked in place. Proceed by using the spatula to carefully slide underneath the models, removing them from the build tray. Repeat this process until all the models are successfully removed from the tray.

Removing print job from the J55 build tray

Next, we are going to use our scraper to remove the thin layer of support remaining on the build tray. Carefully, scrape underneath this layer, fully removing it, then discard it into the garbage. Once this step is complete, we can go ahead and spray a generous amount of isopropyl alcohol on a cleaning wipe and wipe the build tray clean of any left-over support material. Once the build tray is clear, you can disengage the tray lock, and close the printer door.

On your touch screen interface, you are going to look to the left side of the screen and select the Tools option, which is represented by a screwdriver and wrench. From there we are going to select Wizards and then Routine Cleaning, and finally press Start.

Tools Tab in the J55

After pressing Start, the print heads will begin to come to temperature which will take about five minutes. Once the heads are at the right temperature, you can open the door and a checklist will appear on the touchscreen. This checklist will ensure that you clean all the relevant items during the wizard to make sure you do not miss anything.

Routine Cleaning Checklist J55

The first item on the checklist is the print heads. Using a new isopropyl alcohol-soaked cleaning wipe, you are going to feel for the step on the back of the printheads, move just in front of it and then gently wipe the head towards you in one direction. Continue this process until the heads are sufficiently clean. Once the printheads are clean, check the item off the list on the touch screen.

Cleaning print head in the J55

Next, you are going to clean the roller. During the process, the roller is continuously spinning so all you must do is take your cleaning wipe with alcohol and slowly wipe along the length of the roller a few times to remove any possible build up. Once that’s done, check that off the list then move to the wiper.

Cleaning the roller in the J55

Located behind the print head, you are going to flip the bail up, which will allow you the access to clean the wiper. Again, with your cleaning wipe you can make a few passes on the wiper to make sure it is clean. After that’s done, you can lift the cover back up and flip the bail back down until you hear an audible click, signifying that it is secure. Let’s check the wiper off the list, and we can move onto the UV lens.

Cleaning the wiper in the J55

With your cleaning wipe, give the UV lens a few wipes to make sure its clean, and then lastly use it to clean off the build tray one last time, just to make sure that it is totally clean and ready for the next build. Once both tasks are complete, check them both off and click, Next, which will give you the option to raise the build tray to clean underneath it, and in this case you want to, so once again, click Next, close the door and wait for the build tray to move to the target height.

Cleaning the J55 UV lens
When instructed to do so, open the door and clean any leftover support material from underneath the tray using a cleaning wipe. When finished, close the door, check off on the list that the area underneath the tray is clean and press Next. Once the build tray returns to its home position, the printer will be ready for it’s next build.

That completes the Routine Cleaning Wizard on the new Stratasys J55.

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