Tech Tip: Add Splice Components To An Electrical Route In SOLIDWORKS

   By TriMech Marketing on January 13, 2015

Sometimes when creating or splitting routes in SOLIDWORKS Electrical, Splice Components need to be added. In this ModernTech Tech Tip, we’ll show you the perfect way to simplify schematic design in a matter of seconds.


  • Edit the route

  • Split the route

Split_RouteFrom the Design Library, drag a splice component onto the split point. Then, simply Auto Route to the split point.


If the direction needs to be changed, select the spline and check the tangency relations in the property manager. Right click on the tangency relation in the property manager that controls the intersection and choose “Flip Relation.”



The route does not have to be split first. Just drag a splice component from the Design Library onto a spline segment and the route will automatically split at that point.

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