Stratasys 3D Printing Materials for Automotive Manufacturing

3D printing, or additive manufacturing (AM) as it’s also known, offers multiple benefits for the auto industry. That’s why GM’s decision to modify its conveyor system using AM is no real surprise. What’s interesting about this story is the engineers’ decision to 3D print with polymer and forego the traditional “use metal” approach. It’s a growing trend that’s backed up by expanding adoption, not only at GM but by other automakers as well.

AM technology comes in multiple flavors, with certain technologies being a better fit for some auto applications than others. It’s a topic we cover in our companion Solution Guide “How to Choose the Right 3D Printing Technology for Automotive Manufacturing.” But once you’ve chosen the appropriate AM technology, it’s all about the materials. And we’re here to say that polymer 3D printing offers a sweet spot for the automotive industry. That’s true for several reasons, because compared to metal 3D printing, polymer AM offers:

  • Fewer resource constraints (facilities, training, safety)
  • Greater accessibility and ease of use
  • Broad material capabilities and price points
  • Lightweight but strong options for applications where it can replace metal

With such a wide range of polymers – from thermoplastics to thermosets to photopolymers – how do you know which material to choose and the use cases where each is appropriate? That’s the challenge this Solution Guide will clarify by highlighting the Stratasys AM technologies and materials suitable for each phase of automotive production:

  • Product Development
  • Production Support
  • Part Production

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