Staffing Team Facilitates Growth Through Locating Niche Talent

   By Riley Rudd on June 20, 2022

Adapting to rapid company growth is certainly not a bad problem to have, but may still create significant logistical issues. TriMech’s client, a fast-growing company specializing in thermal batteries for the defense and aerospace industry, was seeking to add an engineer to perform thermal analysis after a successful relationship with TriMech’s Project Engineering Team. Company leadership recognized the opportunity to further utilize TriMech Staffing to source technical candidates that their internal team struggled to find. Since then, TriMech has placed both contract and permanent roles for multiple positions including manufacturing, mechanical, and non-destructive testing engineers, allowing the company to drive its business goals and meet customer demands.

The Challenge of Finding Technical Candidates

Over time, our client needed to increase their engineering team to meet production demands, but a shortage of local qualified talent was putting them at risk of falling behind. Their usual process was to outsource thermal analysis projects to TriMech’s Project Engineering Team, until the work became regular enough that it was more cost effective to hire.

Due to challenging market conditions, including the small population base of the area, their internal talent acquisition team struggled to place certain technical roles. The company needed a solution to remedy the continuous struggle of identifying and onboarding the talent needed, which was causing delays in timelines and affecting their ability to deliver on expectations.

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Working With TriMech Staffing

The benefit of having an engineering partner such as TriMech is the broad range of solutions offered, meaning that multiple divisions can be leveraged to find the most optimal solution for any company’s needs. TriMech’s PEG team referred the company to the staffing division to find a more cost-effective solution. Account manager, John Madden, worked with company leadership to determine that a contract position would work best to start with rather than hiring a permanent role. Using our extensive network of technical candidates, multiple options were identified and interviewed by TriMech team members first, then submitted to the company for their own interview process if they choose to do so. A candidate was placed for a contract role, and after the contract finished, the company sought out help in finding candidates for permanent hire.


The Results

The client was so satisfied with the candidate placed for the contract role that they have since returned to TriMech for any technical position where their own internal hiring process struggles. Rather than spending copious amounts of time finding engineers in niche fields during a talent shortage, the company utilizes TriMech staffing to keep the hiring process cost efficient and timely, allowing the company to keep up with the pace of its growth.

If you’re looking to fill current technical positions, contact our recruiters at TriMech Staffing. They can provide further guidance and expertise on finding the right candidate for your team! 


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