Speed Up Your Patterned Designs through the xGenerative Design App

   By Jorge Villacres on July 21, 2023

In this blog, we will explore one of the 3DEXPERIENCE applications called xGenerative Design. You can locate this app by navigating through the options related to 3D patterns, shapes, creation or rolling.

Let’s begin by creating a new pathway. Start by providing a name and defining its location. Save the pathway and specify its dimensions. Once the loading of the pathway is complete, we can proceed to create a line. As soon as the line is created, a dialog box will appear, allowing us to modify various line settings. For instance, let’s make this line 50 millimeters long and click “okay.” Furthermore, we have the option to divide this line into five equal parts by selecting the “divide” option.New component in xGenerative Design

Now, let’s create a polygon on each of these divisions. In the “Create” hub, set a radius of 50 millimeters and choose five sides for the polygon. We can integrate these polygons using the “loft” function and confirm our selection. With these steps, we have swiftly generated our geometry. The significant advantage of utilizing the next generative design is the ability to modify objects using a display graph. The display graph allows us to visualize all the operations we have performed, starting from the line creation to the divisions, the polygons connected to each division, and finally, the encompassing loft. Moreover, we can also introduce additional operators to modify any of these operations.

create a polygon in xgenerative design app

display graph in xgenerative design

Let’s proceed by adding a sizing operator and a sequence operator. The sizing operator will calculate the number of points on our division curve and convert it into a variable. This variable will then serve as the number of points in the sequence. By accessing the operator settings, we can assign an upper limit of 90 degrees to our sequence. Consequently, we will observe the values within the range of zero degrees to 90 degrees, divided into five sections. These values can be linked to the different angles of our polygon, allowing us to witness real-time modifications to our part. As demonstrated, adjustments can be made efficiently through the display graph.

This concludes our blog featuring xGenerative Design. Stay tuned for further updates on various apps and features in SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE.

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Jorge Villacres

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