SOLIDWORKS World 2019: Day 1 Recap

   By TriMech Marketing on February 11, 2019


SOLIDWORKS World 2019 is finally here! This year, the convention is being held at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, TX. I would like to share my experience from the first day of the conference.

Registration and Networking Breakfast

Although the weather was a little grim, excitement was in the air. Once you registered at the event, they handed you a lanyard and a goodie bag. I ended up finding myself at an area for “first-time SOLIDWORKS World attendees.” Everyone put on a button that reads “I nerd out for ______.” This is mine:

SOLIDWORKS World New Attendee Badge

Application Engineer Workshop

The Application Engineer (AE) workshop was a 4-hour content-packed session. We talked about specific troubleshooting techniques in Printed Circuit Board Technology (PCB), Online Licensing, Product Data Management (PDM) and the Admin Portal. AMD showed us the improvements they’re providing for SOLIDWORKS. This was also a time for providing feedback to SOLIDWORKS about what we’ve heard from our clients as far as improvements, what’s working and what’s not.SOLIDWORKS World Networking Event

Partner Pavilion

The Partner Pavilion is an entire area filled with companies showcasing their products and services. This event lasts the entire week. Along with the booths for partners, there are multiple larger zones. For instance, there’s an area for immersive reality called the XR zone. Multiple companies were showcasing their Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and web experiences through headsets. On the other side of the exhibit hall, SOLIDWORKS World has a Shop Floor area which is a recreation of a manufacturing environment. Finally, while some people were visiting partner booths or special large zones, others were sitting in on a small session inside the hall with topics including additive manufacturing, reverse engineering, design automation and product development.

SOLIDWORKS World 2019 Partner Pavilion

Customer Appreciation Event

This is a fun time for us and our clients to get together and celebrate. We had close to 200 clients sign up for our event, at Frank’s Underground. Not only is this a time to enjoy the partnerships and friendships we’ve built over the years but it’s also a time to get to know folks for the first time. Delicious foods, great drinks and amazing company is always a recipe for a good time.

TriMech SOLIDWORKS World Customer Appreciation Event 

SOLIDWORKS 2019 has a lot of new features to offer. View our blog post: Top 11 Features of SOLIDWORKS 2019 to learn about the best new features.

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