SOLIDWORKS Visualize Takes Gold in Rendering

   By Mark Peterson on March 16, 2018

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang have come to an end. I’m not an Olympic Athlete, but I wanted to participate by more than just watching the games from my couch. With the many SOLIDWORKS products I have installed on my machine, I figured there was bound to be something I could create. With SOLIDWORKS 2018, each seat of Professional and Premium comes with a free seat of SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard, so I decided it was time to explore!

Real or Rendering?

To celebrate the recent gold medal-winning performance of the U.S. men’s curling team, I thought we could play one of my favorite games: Real or Rendering (brought to you by SOLIDWORKS Visualize).

The rules are simple:

  1. Take a quick glance at the images below
  2. Jot down your first impression if the image is real or created

Is this a real photograph or a Visualize rendering?

SOLIDWORKS Visualize examples

If you guessed that image two and image four were visually rendered, you’re right! In fact, image two was created by Chris Mowatt, TriMech Application Engineer, in just a few minutes. The first and third images are real photos. If you guessed correctly, you have a very keen eye. It’s too bad “Real or Rendering” isn’t an official Olympic Sport!

Sharpen Your Skills

If you’re wondering why Chris’ rendering is so much more realistic than mine, image four, I wouldn’t blame you because I’m thinking the same thing! My Visualize skills are not as sharp as they could be. If you’re like me and want to advance your skills in Visualize, consider one of our training classes. We provide SOLIDWORKS Visualize training in our offices, as well as online. For many of our clients, online classes are much more convenient.

Check out our training schedule to find a class that works for you! 

Until next time, here are a few more images you might not believe are SOLIDWORKS Visualize renderings:

Nintendo Gameboy in SOLIDWORKS Visualize Camera in SOLIDWORKS Visualize Diamond Earrings in SOLIDWORKS Visualize Blanket in SOLIDWORKS Visualize


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Mark Peterson

Mark Peterson is an Applications Engineer with TriMech

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