SOLIDWORKS Training Courses: From Zero to Shapes in 8 Hours

   By Sarah Smith on February 2, 2023

As a Hardware Product Marketing Specialist at TriMech, I identified a need for creating and adjusting 3D files in my role. Our company provides SOLIDWORKS training classes, so I requested to join the SOLIDWORKS Essentials class. TriMech offers in person classes as well as virtual sessions. And there are plenty of schedule options to choose from for both, which made it easy to find one that aligned with my availability. As someone with little experience with SOLIDWORKS, I wanted to share how I was able to learn with the help of TriMech SOLIDWORKS training courses.


I used SOLIDWORKS to convert files, check measurements, and assess geometries, but that was the extent of my capabilities. On my first day I eagerly logged into class with my provided instruction books in hand and followed along with the instructor. The first thing we did was go over tools and how to sketch and extrude shapes. After a group of lessons, we would practice in the online SOLIDWORKS portal allowing us to get hands-on experience using the program. I was slow and was clunky throughout my model building process, but I did my best to learn and execute the tasks. I am proud of what I was able to accomplish given my entry skill set. I went from zero to shapes in eight hours!

solidworks essentials CAD part for lesson

In-Person SOLIDWORKS Training Courses

Due to special circumstances, I was able to experience both the online and in-person classes. At first, I was reluctant to choose the in-person sessions, but they turned out to be my favorite. I found it easier to engage with the instructor, the work, and the other students. It was reassuring to know that everyone in the class was in the same boat learning, even though they may have been at different knowledge levels. I liked that the other students came from similar but different backgrounds, it added a level of enrichment. My class was held in Rocky Hill, CT which is also one of TriMech’s 3D printing facilities! On the instructor’s desk there was a 3D printed model of one of the components we were working on digitally. It helps with design intent when you understand the digital parts and assembly’s functionality.

TriMech solidworks essentials training CAD part file for lessons

Highly Recommend

I would absolutely recommend this course to those who need a refresher on SOLIDWORKS core features and capabilities and functionality. It would be helpful to have more familiarity with the program in advance, especially if it’s a workplace tool for your career, such as a mechanical engineer or designer. I achieved all the goals that I set for myself when registering for the SOLIDWORSK training course.

In the SOLIDWORKS Essentials class I learned how to apply a draft angle for molded parts, as well as how to shell a part and add internal ribs and fillets, which I was especially excited about since our Advanced Manufacturing team creates molds for their cast urethane and silicone parts.  I learned how to sketch 3D shapes, apply text, create custom and stock holes for screws, and how to check the structural integrity of the part geometry based on its material composition.

Want to level up your skills? Check out our full course catalog of over 55 courses ranging from CAD and Simulation Software to Design for Additive Manufacturing!

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Sarah Smith

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