SOLIDWORKS Simulation in the Real World: Peru

   By Emily Wolfe on November 1, 2017

Have you ever been reluctant to try something, wishing that you could test for safety or durability first? SOLIDWORKS Simulation has the power to virtually set up real-world environments to test product designs before they are sent to manufacturing. With simulation, you have the ability to test designs against parameters such as static, dynamic response, assembly motion and heat transfer. 

While traveling to Peru, Application Engineer Stephen Petrock stopped to see the Nazca Lines. These lines are known as geoglyfs and can be viewed from a tower. He met Luz, a women who wanted to see the site but was nervous that the viewing tower wasn’t durable enough to withstand the weight of all the eager tourists. Stephen saw this as an opportunity to show how SOLIDWORKS Simulation can take a real-life object, in this case the viewing tower, and test it against certain parameters.

To see how Stephen did this, check out the video below!

Setting up a quick simulation like this, even in the middle of the Peruvian Desert, was so easy thanks to all the time saving features in SOLIDWORKS Simulation. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post where Stephen will share all the features that enable you to run simulations anywhere.

For more information on SOLIDWORKS Simulation, check out our on-demand webinars.


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Emily Wolfe

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