By Rod Mackay on September 19, 2022

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional 2023 once again raises the bar for usability, performance, and security.

New data card capabilities ensure clarity and accuracy when entering and accessing property information. Notification templates can be edited by administrators with a built in HTML editor to reflect company preferences and branding. Overall user administration is easier with the ability to re-add deleted users, revoke login access of multiple users at a time, and easily compare group inherited permissions. Common archive server activities like adding, removing, & transitioning files will see significant performance improvements in higher latency environments. And, traffic between the client and archive server is now encrypted.

  • Copy-Paste Static Text: Reduce Manual Entry Errors
  • Custom Tool Tips: Know Exactly What to Enter
  • User Fields for Button Controls: Easily Find and Fill User Information
  • User Info in Workflow Actions: Improved Design History Insight
  • ‘Get’ Dialog Enhancements: View Last Saved and Revision Information
  • HTML Notification Editor: Provide Insight and Customization
  • STEP 242 Task Support: Support Model Based Workflows
  • eDrawing Thumbnails: Visually Identify Files
  • Microsoft Edge Support: Preview HTML 5 Data
  • Automatic Admin Login: Streamline Administration Access
  • Remove Task Host Servers: Avoid Confusion
  • Restore Deleted Users: Enhanced User Administration
  • Revoke Access for Multiple Users: Enhanced User Administration
  • Group Permission Pop-Ups: Visibility to Rights Inheritance
  • Performance Enhancements: Significant Improvements to Archive and DB Servers
  • Archive Traffic Encryption: Enhanced Date Security
  • Control Logic Indicator: Easily See Controls with Control Logic on the Card with a Toggle Command on Controls Toolbar
  • Permissions: Separate Delete and Destroy Paste Shared Files Permissions in Folder and Sate Permissions
  • Web2 Localization of eDrawings with Web View UI Tooltips, Panel Labels and Callout Labels
  • Active Directory Sync: Manual Sync of Windows Users and Groups with Active Directory, Sync Operations configured in Active Directory Sync Settings, Sync Actions Recorded in History and Logging in Archive Server Log
  • Private State Folder Permission: New Folder Permission to Enable the Ability to See File Details of Private State Files for Users Other than Admin
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