SOLIDWORKS Online Training- Free Preview

Our experienced team of engineers spend hours in SOLIDWORKS and are constantly adding to their skillset with the latest “What’s New” additions. Whether you are looking for a new tool, keyboard shortcut, or concept, come experience a shortened sketching lesson and see what it is like to attend a training class with one of our instructors.

About This Webinar

TriMech Application Engineer, Nicole Spandley, delivers an introduction to our training system. Nicole demonstrates the style, pace and content of our training courses by doing a shortened lesson in sketching. She also discusses the learning paths TriMech recommends for our SOLIDWORKS users, as well as our offerings for 3D printing and 3D scanner users.

In this webinar, Nicole covers:

  • Insight into TriMech’s training options
  • Hands on experience with our digital training interface
  • What you need to create a fully defined sketch
  • How to pay attention to cursor feedback
  • Gestures to start commands with less mouse travel
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