SOLIDWORKS Manage Web Client Explained

   By Keith Thompson on December 8, 2021

Keeping yourself and others in your company current with activities can be a constant challenge. The SOLIDWORKS Manage Web Client (Plenary Web Client) helps manage this while keeping users engaged across devices. This client interface has the full look and feel of the desktop client and while allowing internal or external users to connect to the SOLIDWORKS Manage environment and any connected SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional vaults through web-enabled portals from devices with an internet browser such as computers, smartphones, and tablets, all without installing any software.

SOLIDWORKS Manage Connectivity

Logging Into the Web Client


Using the SOLIDWORKS Manage Plenary Web Client is just as easy as using the desktop client and will also use a license to get into the system. You start by entering the SOLIDWORKS Manage web address in an internet browser, and it will display the login screen.

Upon entering the login username and password credentials, the system will display the familiar main SOLIDWORKS Manage user interface as seen below in Figure 1, which looks almost identical to the desktop client user interface also shown below in Figure 2.

SOLIDWORKS Manage Plenary Web Client WindowFigure 1 – SOLIDWORKS Manage Plenary Web Client Window

SOLIDWORKS Manage Desktop Web Client WindowFigure 2 – SOLIDWORKS Manage Desktop Client Window

Web Client Capabilities

So, what can you do with the SOLIDWORKS Manage Plenary Web Client? Well, you can do almost everything that you can do using the SOLIDWORKS Manage Desktop Client that you have been granted permissions to perform.

SOLIDWORKS Manage stands on four Pillars:

  1. Item/BOM Management – create, import/export, edit and drive item records and/or BOM content.
  2. Project Management – track timelines and manage resources connected to product files and deliverables.
  3. Process Management – identify decision points, involve ad hoc approvers, assign tasks.
  4. Dashboards and Reports – interactive live graphical display or snapshots of desired information.

The SOLIDWORKS Manage Plenary Web Client gives users access to all four Pillars. Clicking on one of the main functional topics listed in the lower-left corner of the window will display the related items for that topic in the top left corner of the window. Clicking on any of those related items will display information for that item in the main body of the window to the right. Opening or going to any of the records will open a new browser tab with the details for that record. Listed below is a summary of the general things that you can do for each of the main Pillars using the SOLIDWORKS Manage Plenary Web Client

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You can access and display Dashboards, Tasks and Timesheets, and be able to create and assign Tasks, and set up and use Timesheets.

SOLIDWORKS Manage Dashboard

Documents and Records

You can access, search, and view SOLIDWORKS Manage records or PDM documents, as well as Check-out or Check-in these items for edits or to change any of their related metadata, create and assign Tasks, or submit items to a related process.

SOLIDWORKS Manage Documents and Records


You can see and review existing processes, update them, forward them to their next stage, assign or reassign them to others, attached related or supporting files, run related Reports for status updates, or start and submit new ones.

SOLIDWORKS Manage Processes


You can start new Projects using predefined templates or from scratch, review and adjust related Planning Calendar activities, monitor (live) Status Updates and Milestones, assign Resources and Tasks, create and track Issues and Risks, and run Reports.

SOLIDWORKS Manage Projects


You can perform CRM functions, create and lookup records for Companies, Contacts, Leads, etc. This information can then be leveraged and linked to the records in other areas of SOLIDWORKS Manage.

SOLIDWORKS Manage Relationships

Benefits and Limitations of SOLIDWORKS Manage Plenary Web Client 

The SOLIDWORKS Manage Plenary Web Client is a web client that lets users connect to a SOLIDWORKS Manage environment, or PDM Professional vault from most devices with an internet browser. The Plenary web client is useful for external and internal users who are not connected to their office network or have an unsupported operating system.

Some benefits of the SOLIDWORKS Manage Plenary Web Client:

  • No client installation required
  • Ability to view many file types such as 3D/2D CAD, Office documents, PDF, Email and more.
  • Browse folders, search, and view file information
  • Check out and edit files and records
  • Participate in Project and Process activities, and change file states

Some limitations of the SOLIDWORKS Manage Plenary Web Client:

  • No Add-ins for CAD or Microsoft Office applications
  • No Local Cache to manage file references in multi-folder structures
  • Limited administrative rights to configure the system or user interface

If you are a remote user that needs more in-depth access, the Plenary Web client helps you interact with file data in SOLIDWORKS PDM through easy access from your web browser and send SOLIDWORKS PDM data to processes with outputs that act on SOLIDWORKS PDM files from any location.

Want to know more about SOLIDWORKS Manage? Learn about this platform that is jam-packed with features integrated with SOLIDWORKS in our on-demand webinar, “Get to Know SOLIDWORKS Manage.”


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