SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2023

   By Rod Mackay on September 19, 2022

With a fresh look and a unified experience, SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2023 will accelerate your post-production workflow like never before.

Smarter automation across all file formats will get your inspection documentation created with unrivaled speed. Speed is nothing without control, however, and the new balloon sequencing options and multi-sheet flexibility provides the next level of command over these time-saving features.

  • SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2023 Standalone
    • Interface Update: A whole new look with clear and concise design!
    • Auto Extract: A revamped auto-ballooning solution is now compatible with non-native files. This allows for auto-ballooning of files such as PDF files.
    • Manual Ballooning Enhanced: Manual extract now boasts greater intelligence by identifying the correct style of characteristic selected. This extraction method saves time by reducing the need to switch to dedicated tools.
  • SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2023 Add-in
    • Sequences: Create multiple ballooning sequences that can be referenced as a template for auto-ballooning.
    • Sheet-by-Sheet Control: Control over multiple sheets has been expanded in 3 key ways:
      • Auto Extract now allows control by sheets included and sequences can now be used to control starting points and ballooning styles per sheet.
      • The Characteristic Tree tab allows for instant reorder by sheet or view allows with a simple drag and drop operation
      • With added control over sheets comes individual control on export of PDF or Excel files



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