SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2023

   By Rod Mackay on September 19, 2022

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2023 introduces new features so you can more accurately design and document your wiring, cabling, and harnessing projects.

This gives you expanded capabilities to manage components and share information between 2D and 3D, along with more flexibility in documenting your schematics.

  • Deleting Components: New options allow you to delete a component and all the symbols representing it in the drawings.
  • Manufacturer Part Weight: The weight propagates to the Mass properties of the 3D part or assembly associated with the component.
  • Dynamic Connection Labels: New dynamic symbols that display connection information about a component. Enable labels for electrical connectors that adjust for the number of circuits or pins in a connector.
    • Applies to labels for Components and also Manufacturer’s Parts.
    • Reduce the number of labels needed in the content library
    • Labels can now dynamically adjust to cover a range of needs
    • Document labels on multiple sheets
  • Defining Open-Ended Wires: A new project configuration allows enabling of open-ended wires (2D only).
  • Electrical Manager Tree: New icons are introduced to represent the different states of a 3D component in any SOLIDWORKS Electrical project. Electrical Manager icons now visually indicate the state of Components:
    • Not Associated to 3D
    • Associated to 3D
    • Associated to 3D but Suppressed
    • Associated to 3D but Hidden
    • Associate to 3D in an alternate Location
    • Associated to an Assembly
    • Associated to an Assembly and Suppressed
    • Associated to an Assembly and Hidden
  • Associate Feature: Decrease time spent in this comment when you associate schematic-based data (marks) and corresponding component models in 3D.
  • Embedded Report Tables: Add a report to any of the Electrical drawing types, providing more complete documentation and eliminating extra steps. Expanded capabilities to add a report to any of the SOLIDWORKS Electrical drawing types. This combination of drawings and reports provides more complete documentation and eliminates various extra steps. Reports can be included on the following:
    • Schematics
    • Single Line diagrams
    • 2D control panel drawings.
  • Additional File Formats for Images: You can use several new file formats to insert or attach images to drawings beyond .BMP
  • Automatic Orientation in PDF Export: When you export the electrical project drawings to a PDF file, you can keep the proper page orientation.
  • Multilingual Attributes: Include attributes with attributes where the language can be changed when the language of the document is changed by the user. Multilingual Attributes will help streamline electrical designs that are used in multiple countries and by firms with employees with different language fluency. Multilingual Attributes functionality can be used with:
    • Symbols
    • Title Blocks
  • File Properties from 2D to 3D: Bring a full list of properties from the schematic/2D over to the 3D model. Properties are carried from the following areas:
    • Manufacturers Parts information
    • Custom Properties
  • Improvements to Associate Feature in Electrical 3D: Speed association between schematic-based data (marks) and corresponding component models in 3D. Enhancements now enable:
    • Associating multiple marks to the associated 3D components in one command selection
    • During selection (association) of the 3D components, electrical connection point information is presented on screen
    • Command is pinned by default to enable associating additional groups of marks to additional 3D components
    • Overwrite prior selections to make bulk updates
    • Associate nested marks by selecting only the top level mark; the nested marks are automatically selected
    • For subassemblies, selecting a lower level item provides the option to select the entire subassembly
  • Enhanced Excel Automation: Expanded capabilities for Microsoft Excel to be used to automate Electrical Schematic design operations.  New features enable greater flexibility to automate electrical design processes.
    • Set more wire properties, including wire section
      Insert and connect origin/destination arrows in a Circuit Macro
    • Define destination folder
    • Replace symbol while inserting a Circuit Macro
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