SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard: Learning to Use the CAM Tools You Already Own

Just by having an active subscription with SOLIDWORKS seats, means you have access to one of the most powerful CAM programming tools on the market. What if you don’t know where to start with SOLIDWORKS CAM?

About This Webinar

In this webinar, TriMech Application Engineer, Sawyer Gara and TriMech Territory Sales Manager, Andrea Petty, explore the CAM Tools you have included with your SOLIDWORKS subscription. You can learn how the SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard tools increase your machining workflow for 2.5 Axis Machining. They walk you through the process to go from 3D Model to CAM Program to G-Code for your machine. They help you gain fundamental knowledge of setup, downloading posts, and TOP notch support from TriMech. This will be an in-depth demo of the CAM tools you already own, why to use them, and how to get started.

In this webinar, Sawyer and Andrea will cover:

  • Learn how to use the CAM Tools included in your SOLIDWORKS Subscription
  • See the 2.5 Axis Machining Capabilities of SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard
  • Watch a part be automatically and interactively
  • Simulate toolpaths and verify our CAM Program
  • See the Technology Database that serves as the backbone to SOLIDWORKS CAM
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