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In SOLIDWORKS CAM and even CAMWorks, you may have noticed the “Machine Post Processor” tab has a big blank white space in the bottom of the user dialog. 

1This is the post-processor information preview pane .The information contained here can be used to leave instructions to the programmer about the post and post parameters that control the final G-code output. We get a useful nested document by clicking the “More” button. This reveals the full-text post processor information.
To set this up we need to need to introduce three files into our CAM Post directory. Using Post Name Haas_VF3.ctl as an example:

  1. Post .pinf file. This is the post info file that points to the file names in the post directory. Best practice naming convention: post_name.pinf (haas_vf3.pinf)
  2. Post _S.rtf file. This is the Rich Text Format that displays the post info in the SW dialog. Best practice naming convention: POST_NAME_S.rtf (HAAS_VF3_S.rtf)
    1. Post _L.rtf file. This is the Rich Text Format that Displays the post info after pressing the More button. This is often a more in-depth explanation of the post information and usage. Best practice naming convention: POST_NAME_L.rtf (HAAS_VF3_L.rtf) 

The contents of the .pinf file can be edited in notepad. This is what the contents look like.
3Once the .pinf file is updated with the post processor names. Just simply place the 3 new files into the same directory as the post.
Launch your post processor options you will see the new information populated in dialog.


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