SOLIDWORKS as Cast: Best Practices for Modeling Castings in SOLIDWORKS

Check out this webinar where our application engineer, Jason Pancoast, will dive into the best practices when it comes to modeling castings in SOLIDWORKS. 

About This On-Demand Webinar

Casting covers a variety of parts and is useful in many industries from creating highly stylized claws to standard automotive parts. In this webinar our Application Engineers, Jason, will cover his tips and tricks for modeling castings. To help explain, he uses the following three examples in SOLIDWORKS: 

  1. As Cast/Make From 
    1. Creates a short path to multiple deliverables.
    2. Flexible modeling approach. 
  2. Pattern-making
    1. Ability to design as you go.
    2. Automatic capture of production needs.
  3. Pattern Trees
    1. Dynamically visualize spatial arrangement.
    2. Identify optimum 3D registrations. 

From these examples, Jason gives a clear picture of the direct deliverables, process planning for creating the core to the final machine part and optimizing your visualization when working with the 3D parts in a pattern tree. 

To learn more about model casting, look into our training courses. Or check out our Video Tech Tips for even more SOLIDWORKS or 3D Printing information!

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