SOLIDWORKS 2023 Sheet Metal and Structures

   By Rod Mackay on September 19, 2022

SOLIDWORKS® Structure Systems and Sheet Metal have new enhancements in 2023 that enable smoother design-to-manufacturing workflows and speed up tedious tasks.

  • SOLIDWORKS 2023 Structure Systems
    • Now includes the ability to identify all similar corners in your structure, and apply the same trimming criteria to all of them in one command.
    • Connection elements like gussets or base plates can also be patterned to similar corners, saving tons of time in the your workflow.
    • Configuration-Specific Size of Weldment Members allows you to change the weldment profile for a select set of members and save to a unique configuration
    • Zoom to Selection, where you can zoom to a specific corner to quickly apply corner treatments
    • Pattern Connection Elements allows you to pattern a connection element, like a gusset, to all similar corners in Structure Systems
  • SOLIDWORKS 2023 Sheet Metal manufacturing has never been easier with new enhancements that every shop floor operator will enjoy.
    • Sketched base flange parts can now be thickened symmetrically about the sketch, making identical upward and downward bends easier than ever.
    • There are also a whole new set of Sheet Metal sensors, which will dynamically alert you if the flat pattern bounding box falls outside of defined constraints.
    • Gauge Values in Cut List Properties to add sheet metal gauge value to the Cut List Properties in a drawing
    • Group Similar Corners to quickly group similar corners in Structure Systems to apply corner treatments
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