SOLIDWORKS 2023 Cloud Collaboration with 3DEXPERIENCE

   By Rod Mackay on September 19, 2022

With Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS, managing your data and collaborating with colleagues has never been more accessible.

With a simple save, you will be on your way to revisioning, lifecycling, and collaborating on your SOLIDWORKS data. And because its based in the cloud, you can access your designs from anywhere. No expensive hardware to buy or resource intensive implementations to endure.

  • CAD File Management: Securely Save Your Data to the Cloud
  • Explore Design Structure: Access and Explore Design Data From Anywhere
  • Filter and Review: Graphically Visualize Your Custom Property Data
  • Digital Markup: Efficiently Capture Design Ideas
  • Task Management: Streamline Design Feedback and Collaboration
  • Revision Management: Revise and Release Your Designs With Confidence
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Rod Mackay

Rod has been using 3D CAD software for 25+ years

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