SOLIDWORKS 2023 Advanced Simulation with 3DEXPERIENCE

   By Rod Mackay on September 19, 2022

Connecting SOLIDWORKS 2023 to Abaqus advanced simulation tools just got easier with 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation.

Import SOLIDWORKS materials directly from your custom library and add Abaqus multiphysics properties including damage. Transfer your SOLIDWORKS Simulation studies to advanced structural scenarios, like explicit dynamic steps, and solve directly on the cloud. Optimize your SOLIDWORKS models with Parametric Design Studies and evaluate your designs for life with world-leading multiaxial strain-based fatigue methods. And since all of this is on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, publishing and sharing results has never been easier.

  • SLDMAT Import: Automatically create 3DEXPERIENCE Materials from custom SOLIDWORKS Material libraries
  • Multi-Physics Properties: Unlock access to Abaqus multi-physics material properties
  • Centralized Material Library: Use a common material library for both SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE applications
  • Simulation Study Transfer: Map SOLIDWORKS Simulation features to 3DEXPERIENCE simulation features
  • Explicit Dynamics: Leverage world-class Abaqus/Explicit technology for brief transient dynamic events
  • Parametric Design Study: Optimize SOLIDWORKS parameters and generate alternative models
  • Durability: Evaluate fatigue life using world-leading fe-safe technology
  • Cloud Compute: Free up local resources and solve studies faster using the high performance computing of the cloud
  • Built-In Management: Lifecycle and revision manage simulation and design data in one system
  • Collaboration: View, markup and share simulation results online from any device
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Rod Mackay

Rod has been using 3D CAD software for 25+ years

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