SOLIDWORKS 2020 SP3.0 User Interface Changes

   By on July 2, 2020

If you’ve recently upgraded to SOLIDWORKS 2020 SP3.0, you may have noticed some changes to the user interface. Yes, the SOLIDWORKS developers like to keep us on our toes! We have seen an increase in support calls coming in for this very thing so I thought that in this week’s Video Tech Tip I would inform the community at large in hopes of de-mystifying you all.

The Help pull down menu has now been consolidated and moved under the Question Mark icon in the upper right hand corner. Regardless of the application, most people automatically seek out this icon whenever they need additional software help, so it makes sense that this change was implemented to align with other programs. You will now need to go here to perform license activations/deactivations, locate information about your serial number (about SOLIDWORKS) or to check for updates.

Help option in SOLIDWORKS SP3

Help options in SOLIDWORKS 2020

The more obvious change involves the Quick Access tools that most users are used to seeing at the top of the ribbon. A new Customize option allows you to choose whether you wish to display the Quick Access tools in the top Menu bar or in the Command Manager as shown in the images below.

Help options in SOLIDWORKS 2020 SP 2.0

Quick access tools In SOLIDWORKS 2020 SP 2.0

After upgrading to SP3.0, it appears that the Quick Access tools are displayed in the Command Manager by default, which is causing confusion in the user community with users who are unable to locate them after the upgrade. Don’t panic! As you can see, the Quick Access tools are still very much available and you have the option to set the preferred location that works best for you.

Quick access tools In SOLIDWORKS 2020 SP3

Crisis averted! You’re welcome!

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