SOLIDWORKS 2017 Top 11 Features: Prevention of Accidental Micro Lines

   By TriMech Marketing on March 2, 2017

Are you all too familiar with the SOLIDWORKS error message saying “Sketch contains more than one open contour”? If a designer or engineer tells you they haven’t encountered unintentional micro lines, call their bluff because we’ve all been there.  

But thanks to the new improvements to the sketching feature, users can now use SOLIDWORKS 2017 Prevention of Accidental Micro Lines to avoid accidental micro lines and speed up their workflow. Here’s how: 

What are micro lines? 

SW_Micro Lines_Error Message.pngMicro lines are tiny little lines in your sketch commonly caused by “click-to-click” sketching. Sometimes sketches can appear to be closed contour, when in all actuality they have one or more overlapping open contours caused by micro lines. As a result, users will be prompted with an error message and unable to extrude or create the desired feature. 

How does SOLIDWORKS 2017 Prevention of Accidental Micro Lines improve your workflow? 

SOLIDWORKS 2017 InfographicBefore the release of SOLIDWORKS 2017 Prevention of Accidental Micro Lines, a user’s design workflow could easily be interrupted by hard-to-see lines. The detection of micro lines used to require sketch tools and fighting setting options, whereas the update eliminates that time investment.  

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In the updated software, SOLIDWORKS offers a dynamic buffer zone when using the click-click sketch method, which helps maintain a consistent zone for sketch mode results in the expected geometry. This helps drastically reduce unexpected micro lines from your sketches and make your workflow easier and faster. 

For even more great SOLIDWORKS 2017 updates, read our blog or download our Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2017 infographic. 

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