SOLIDWORKS 2017 Top 11 Features: New Blog Series

   By on January 16, 2017

The release of SOLIDWORKS 2017 came with over 250 enhancements that were nearly all inspired by user feedback. That’s why our engineers see SOLIDWORKS 2017 as the best yet!

Our engineers picked their top 11 favorite new features from the 2017 release of SOLIDWORKS, and here’s a sneak peak of the enhancements we’ll be covering in detail in our upcoming blog series.

  • Classic User Interface: The SOLIDWORKS 2017 interface is given a fresh look with ultra-high resolution displays, improved coloration and new icons.
  • 3D Interconnect: SOLIDWORKS makes it easier than ever to collaborate effortlessly on projects, even with non-users.
  • Prevention of Accidental Micro Lines: Accidental micro lines were an all too common problem for designers and engineers in the past. SOLIDWORKS 2017 speeds up your design process by improving the sketching feature and preventing those micro lines and error messages.
  • Hide/Show Everything: You can now hide or show items and components without ever having to leave the graphics area, all in one click.
  • Photorender Simulation Results: SOLIDWORKS 2017 combines rendering and simulation results to improve your workflow. The new updates give you the perspective and aesthetic benefits of rendering along with the practical benefits of simulation.
  • Super & Switchable Chamfers: The Chamfer tool is improved with new functionality that was never available before. The Chamfer and Fillet tools are now combined into a single command, allowing you to interchange them seamlessly.
  • Custom Configuration Sorting: SOLIDWORKS 2017 gives you the power to customize your configurations and control how they’re ordered in your configuration manager.
  • Transparent Section Views: In SOLIDWORKS 2017, users can choose to make components transparent. This allows for more visibility into internal and surrounding components.
  • Shaded Sketch Contours: Sketching capability gets even better with the shaded Sketch Contours tool. This tool will allow you to quickly detect small gaps in your drawings and distinguish between sketches.
  • Selection Breadcrumbs: SOLIDWORKS improved the breadcrumb feature gives you better feedback and access to the information you need such as assembly mates, failures and errors, suppressed states and more.
  • Advanced Hole: This new feature allows you to create reusable customized holes. You can now create complex holes in a single command and save them for later.

Interested in learning more about the SOLIDWORKS 2017 enhancements and updates? Download our infographic highlighting TriMech’s Top 11 Favorite Features in SOLIDWORKS 2017, and learn about your access options.

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