SOLIDWORKS 2017 Top 11 Features: Hide All Types

   By TriMech Marketing on May 3, 2017

Does your display screen get cluttered with annotations, reference geometry and sketches on SOLIDWORKS? Well, SOLIDWORKS 2017 introduced an enhanced feature that allows you to hide/show everything more easily. In our blog, we explain why adding the Hide All Types feature to the user interface will drastically improve clients’ design processes.

What is the Hide All Types feature?

hide origin solidworksHide All Types is one of the many ways you can manipulate views in your SOLIDWORKS display. So in addition to modifying perspective, zooming, panning, rotating, rolling and adjusting viewing options, now users can also hide/show items with the Hide All Types feature in the Heads-up Display. What used to be buried deep in the drop down menus is now front and center in the interface. This means you can hide or unhide clutter with a push of a button—without leaving the graphics area. The items you can choose to hide/show include:

  • Planes
  • Axes
  • Temporary Axes
  • Origins
  • Coordinate Systems
  • Curves
  • Sketches
  • 3D Sketch (including Sketch Planes and Dimensions)
  • All Annotations (including model dimensions and feature dimensions)
  • Points
  • Routing Points
  • Parting Lines
  • Lights
  • Cameras

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How do you use the Hide All Types feature?

Prior to SOLIDWORKS 2017, the hide/show items button did not act as a push button to toggle visibility. But now, the Hide All Types tool Hide All types is split into two halves increasing visibility. The left side allows you to switch between Hide All Types and restoring to previous versions. The right side lets you view a list of existing types and show/hide each item individually.

Clutter Interface SOLIDWORKS Cleaned Up Interface SOLIDWORKS
Left: Example of cluttered interface, Right: Example of clean interface

How will SOLIDWORKS 2017 Hide All Types improve your workflow?

If you’re working on a document that has various annotations, sketches or details, the Hide All Types feature allows you to filter and view certain variables at a time, eliminating unwanted clutter. This feature allows you to control what you’re working with and easily switch between showing/hiding items.

If you’re interested in learning more about TriMech’s top 11 SOLIDWORKS 2017 features, download the infographic or check out our blog!


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