Simulia Performance Trade-Off App to Minimize Design Decision-Making Dilemmas

   By Suman Sudhakaren on October 19, 2022

Dassault’s 3DEXPERIENCE platform brings together people, processes and data, in a cloud-based environment. This helps make collaboration simple for all teams in an organization and empowers them with industry leading solutions extending from product innovation, design, manufacturing to marketing and delivery.

Competitive performance requirements along with the need to innovate quickly requires product designers and engineers to validate the design iterations concurrently. When it comes to design validation using Simulation tools, many real-world scenarios can be quickly simulated using the robust simulation applications available on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. The amount of data coming from multitudes of simulated scenarios can quickly add up and the compare tool feature in the simulation apps would no longer be efficient.

Design decision-making can become challenging comparing different scenarios even for an optimized design. We can alleviate this dilemma using Simulation Collaborator tools. The Simulation Collaborator role allows us to accelerate the selection of best designs by comparing performance metrics across alternative designs. Using a multi-criteria decision-making method, it can rank designs based on requirements. This allows team members to review and share these simulation results through a lightweight browser based-widget.

One of the key dashboard apps in the Simulation Collaboration roles is the Performance Trade-off app. It allows users to organize and compare key performance indicators enabling the selection of best design option or alternative among competitive objectives. In addition to letting users visualize and compare design data from different sources, it allows users to define requirements, criteria and capture input and feedback from stakeholders. The landing page for this app allows creation of an analytics case from simulation data that is already available in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. The data can be added to analytics case by dragging from the results of global search or from another Simulation app or 3DSpace. Multiple datasets can be used separately or it can be combined into a single analytics case within the app itself.

Performance Trade-off app lists each simulation result along with the values of performance indicators enabling users to quickly review each alternative. Users can define design criteria to identify which alternatives best meet the requirements. This app uses weighted sum ranking algorithm for ranking alternatives and normalizes the objectives so that effect of each objective function is represented equally. The sorting and organization of the valid designs becomes easy. It also tags the design alternatives that violates the defined criteria.

A quantitative view of parameters in each alternative is available in the compare page. Compare page lists analytics case where each column represents an alternative and corresponding row represents a parameter.


This doesn’t provide just the tables and numbers as in an Excel worksheet, but also includes visualization of the simulation results. This make the process truly efficient. The visualization windows are synchronized and helps compare the stress or displacement or any user defined requirement.

VISUALIZATION WINDOW in Performance Trade-off app included in simulation collaborator role

Simulation result plots view is available via the browser and the user doesn’t have to load the entire model. Performance Trade-Off data sets are limited to 50 alternatives. If you need to use datasets larger than 50, Result Analytics app is recommended.

These analytics apps facilitate better decision-making process, enabling the review of simulation results of multiple design alternatives for faster innovation. Users can further leverage simulation investments through these advanced analytics tools with data traceability, multi-disciplinary optimization and real-time status of design key performance indicators.

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Suman Sudhakaren

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