Setting up Server PC for Mastercam Software Network License

   By Aric Duprey on October 5, 2022

In this blog we are going to walk through the steps for setting up the server PC for Mastercam.

  1. Download and install CodeMeter and the Mastercam activation wizard.

mastercam activation wizard

  1. Launch CodeMeter and click on WebAdmin.

webadmin for mastercam

  1. Then navigate to Configurationserverserver access.

codemeter webadmin

  1. Set Network server to Enable.

network enable

  1. Click apply and close your browser and CodeMeter.

Note: this will broadcast the license over network using port 22350 make sure to make firewall exceptions for this port if needed.

Activating license on server PC with Internet access

In Windows, search for Activation Wizard

  1. Select Activate a New License.
  2. Accept terms click next.
  3. Enter your activation code and license number then click next.
  4. Mastercam checks the code and lists your products, if correct click next.
  5. You are now ready to set the client up.

Setting up Client to see license

  1. Open CodeMeter on the client PC then WebAdmin, go to Configuration, Basic, and add the server PC’s IP address then click apply.

search server list

  1. Then click apply and close Code Meter and browser.

Now that you’ve set up a server PC for Mastercam Software network license, you are ready to work!

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Aric Duprey

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