Savor These Mouth-Watering Fillet Tips

TriMech Application Engineer, Ryan Zeck, discusses fillet tips in this webinar. Discover some tips and tricks as well as what’s new in fillets.

About This On-Demand Webinar

When it comes to Juicy Fillets the following tips will be covered in the webinar.

  1. Juicy Fillet Problem Edges
    • Boolean
    • FeatureXpert
    • OXFAR
  2. Juicy Fillet Options
    • Keep Edge
    • Keep Features
    • Round Edges
    • Hold Line
  3. FilletXpert
    • Corner Alternatives
    • Add & Change
    • Configurations

Watch the entire video to see these tips demonstrated as well as a section on new features and where Ryan answers all your questions in a Q&A session at the end. For even more information or tips check out our other TriMech On-Demand Webinars!

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