Road to Recovery: Planning Future Recruitment Now

   By on August 5, 2020

While your miles may vary, many companies are starting to journey back to some variation of normalcy at the workplace. There may be masks in common areas and enough hand sanitizer to fill a kiddie-pool, but we are slowly reentering our places of business. So how do we start planning the remaining months of 2020 and ramping back up as far as replenishing and growing staff levels?

Start Mapping Your Plan Now

There’s a good chance you probably don’t need a new hire at this very minute. However, if you’re waiting for everything to be perfect, you might find better quality talent has already been snatched by other companies (or competitors) doing their due diligence. You can take advantage now by initiating the interview processes, reference checks, etc., if you know you’ll need someone sooner or later. By doing so, you can enjoy the time you might not otherwise have to ensure you are getting the best candidates.

It's important to have a plan!

Utilize New Paths

Ready to interview, but not ready to bring candidates into the office yet? Due to the nature of the times, many of our clients have found new paths to be productive remotely. More than ever companies are including virtual interviews in their hiring process.

From there, even aspects of onboarding have found new trails to go down. Many companies can utilize virtual processes from filling out forms or having their new recruits get to work on important training videos. Even new employee instruction in the form of WebEx conferences can be arranged to get new hires acclimated remotely.

Take Advantage of “Bridges”

Need help getting back up to speed, but unsure if you need a full-time employee? Consider contractors. Contractors can help bridge the gap until your company is once again fully operational. Furthermore, you could potentially hire them full-time if the fit becomes available and you have enjoyed the work they’ve performed for you.

It can be stressful getting your business back to running normally or as close to it as possible. Proper planning, using available technology and making sure you do not have any gaps are key ways to ensure a smooth journey back to operating the best and most profitable you can. For many of our clients, TriMech is an imperative resource for their restart plans. If you have questions, need help, or need the personalized attention of one of our talent acquisition Account Managers, please reach out today.

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