Removing 3D Printing Support Material

Achieving an impeccable model requires good planning across the design cycle, which in some cases will include post-processing. Considering this step within your design process is key to producing your desired part.

There are different benefits when it comes to considering post-processing early in the design phase, such as manual labor reduction, improving consistency and reducing the production cycle time. Different support materials require a different removal process and there are different technologies available that will help you give the best surface finish to your 3D printed part.

In this report, you’ll have access to:

  • Images of different post-processed support materials before and after performance evaluations
  • Details of the post-processing stage, including operation time and technician attendance
  • Names of the machines and detergents used in each process, and more!

This guide is great for you to see the value and importance of post-processed parts.

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