Questions to Ask When Bringing a New Product to Market

“I have an idea for…”  This is how many conversations start when calling an engineering/product development firm.

“It’s easy…I’ve already made a prototype.  I just need a CAD file so I can get it 3D Printed.”

As a mechanical engineer with over 25 years of real-world experience, I often feel like a dream killer when I field these calls.  People with limited background in design and engineering have seen the capabilities of CAD and 3D Printing and think it will be easy to create that “widget”, stick it on a retail shelf, and retire to a private island when the money starts flowing in.  Launching a new idea into the marketplace requires not only technical foresight, but also a business plan as well. 

It’s true – creating that widget and getting one in your hands might be a relatively quick process…but it’s only the start.  At TriMech, we work with prospective clients before putting mouse to CAD in order to help them think through the entire process of their product launch.

The downloadable guide below will help you think through your design process before investing the first dollar. Find answers to questions such as:

  • Once you have a finished product, how will you market and sell your product?
  • What kind of volumes do you need to sell to consider the launch of your new product a success?
  • Does your product design align with a suitable manufacturing process?
  • Will your product need to be validated or tested by a third-party lab before being approved for sale?
  • How do you plan to secure funding for your product idea?
  • Are you married to the design you sketched on a napkin or cobbled together, or are you open to starting with a set of requirements for the product and letting us work together from there?

Complete the form to download the guide instantly.

Looking for more advice? Contact TriMech today to learn how we can help you turn your ideas into reality. We’ll work with you up front to make sure you’ve thought through the entire process before spending any money.

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