Q&A Bill Ripol: Featuring TriMech Staffing

   By Bill Ripol on February 20, 2018

QA Staffing Blog with Bill Ripol

Our QA blog series looks at different members of our team and their perspective on the most current 3D printing and CAD technology. This edition QA switches gears and features Bill Ripol, President of TriMech Staffing. 

Meet Bill Ripol, President of TriMech Staffing

1. Tell us more about yourself. You’ve been with TriMech for a while. What keeps you motivated?

I came to TriMech about 16 years ago after four years as an elementary school teacher. My number one motivator when starting this job was to not screw up a sale! After a while, my focus evolved to one of earning the trust of clients so that they would want to buy from TriMech. I truly believed then and still believe now that we have the best products, services, and engineering expertise in the business, the same is true about the staffing team as we are supremely talented and industry-leading. Working with our group to assist clients with their pursuit of top engineering and manufacturing candidates is extremely motivating and rewarding. 

2. What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Related to TriMech Staffing and sales in general, the best advice I’ve received would probably be, “You can’t sell anyone anything. You have to help them figure out if it makes sense to buy what you have.” Our goal is to understand clients’ needs, ask insightful questions and share impactful success stories. When we do these three things, we and the clients can make a good decision about whether or not it makes sense to work together.

3. What is your role at TriMech and your background in staffing?

Currently, my role is President of TriMech Staffing. One of my main duties is ensuring that the sales and recruiting teams are in sync. When we fully understand a job and how our clients hire for that job, we are able to quickly identify and fully qualify candidates, and our success rate on filling positions is extremely high.

Going In-Depth with TriMech Staffing

4. How did TriMech Staffing get started?

TriMech Solutions began selling SOLIDWORKS around 1997. As TriMech’s clients’ grew successful using SOLIDWORKS, they needed more users and began asking TriMech for help finding good engineers. In October 2001, TriMech partnered with Mike Ayres and started TriMech Staffing. Along with providing technology and engineering services, TriMech became uniquely positioned to match client’s complex needs with key technical candidates to fill expected and unexpected engineering positions.

5. Are there any trends (opportunities and risks) you’re seeing in the staffing industry? What are you doing to stay ahead of the curve?

Two very important trends we see are:

  1. The growth of the overall U.S. economy
  2. The low unemployment rate

Companies are interested in adding high quality people, but are struggling to find them on their own. Not only do we have an enormous database of engineering and manufacturing candidates, we have a group of skilled recruiters who are solely focused on and completely understand technical positions. We stay ahead of the curve and our competition with consistent formal and informal engineering training. 

6. What advantage does partnering with TriMech Staffing offer and why?

Because we are a niche staffing firm focused on engineering, product design and manufacturing, we have a unique understanding of those businesses and the types of people who work at them. The 90+ engineers we have here at TriMech enable sales people to bring unique insights and perspectives to client positions and recruiters to fully vet candidates for those positions. Our competitors can’t offer that engineering expertise when filling contractor positions, direct hire positions, and contract-to-hire positions. 

7. What is your favorite accomplishment, experience or client story about TriMech Staffing?

Late one morning, earlier this year, one of our inside sales representatives talked to a client about an urgent need for a designer. The inside sales representative went looking for our sales person who, at the time, was on a call, so he found a recruiter. By the time our sales person was off the call around noon, the recruiter had already contacted a candidate who was interested in the job. Our sales representative finished his call, contacted the client and we had someone onsite by 4 PM. It was a great example of how our people work together to help our clients. 

To learn more about TriMech Staffing, download our infographic!

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Bill Ripol

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