Product Update: The Objet30 V5

   By TriMech Marketing on November 13, 2020

The Objet30 series of 3D printers is known for providing the power of PolyJet technology in a desktop-sized system. This makes them ideal for any office or studio space that needs to provide detailed prototypes while keeping their workforce and intellectual property in-house. Stratasys recently announced multiple updates to the Objet30 3D printer series with exciting new materials options, faster workflow and a fresh look in their latest generation: the Objet30 V5. 

Objet30 V5 Update

Objet30 Series

Objet30 print

The Stratasys Objet line is known for its high print level resolution, small footprint and entry-level price point. Both the Objet30 Pro and Objet30 Prime give you the capability to produce realistic models with high print resolution level and features seven different 3D materials that are utilized in output that includes consumer goods, consumer electronics and medical devices. These materials include rigid opaque materials and specialized photopolymers ranging from transparent, high-temperature to multiple simulated polypropylene options giving you the power to generate realistic models with specialized properties in-house and at rapid speeds.

Objet30 Pro Objet30 Prime
  • Vero – white, black, blue or gray
  • VeroClear – Transparent
  • RGD525 – High temperature
  • RGD450 & RDG430 – Simulated polypropylene
  • DraftGrey – Low cost, fast printing material (NEW)
  • Vero – white, black, blue or gray
  • VeroClear, RGD720™ – Transparent
  • RGD525 – High temperature
  • RGD450 & RDG430 – Simulated polypropylene
  • DraftGrey – Low cost, fast printing material (NEW)
  • TangoGray™, TangoBlack™ – Rubberlike
  • Biocompatible


Objet30 V5 Update

Objet30v5_web4Stratasys announced their new update to the original Objet30 with an exciting new look. The updates don’t stop with just cosmetic changes. With new materials, GrabCAD Print and new Windows 10 CPU, these updates offer faster and cost-effective concept models with a smaller footprint and easy workflow. 

DraftGrey High-Speed Concept Modeling Material

Objet30-3D-Printed-Wheel-GrayThis material is the perfect companion when you need to make an inexpensive single-color concept model for design verification. It is priced considerably lower than other modeling materials so printing models to test size and fit are much more cost-effective. DraftGrey was originally introduced as an exclusive material to the high-end Stratasys J8 series to create prints 2x faster and cheaper than other material. Now, it is available to use with the Objet30 and allows prints to be made 25% faster. 

GrabCAD Print Compatibility

GrabCAD Print is a user-friendly workflow that makes the transition from digital to physical seamless. You can print directly from CAD files and track material levels to streamline every part of the printing process. It will allow faster management of files and parts (64 bit OS compared to the traditional 32 bit in Objet Studio) which also allows you to import and print heavier files and models than before. 

The biggest advantage it offers is the ability to speed up the traditional 3D printing workflow. With GrabCAD Print you can manage the Objet30 series remotely from either a desktop computer over a network connection or via a mobile app. You can also manage just the one printer, or a series of Stratasys printers using the same software.

Traditional 3D printing workflow:


GrabCAD Print 3D printing workflow:


These updates bring a new look and a new level of prototyping ease to those that are new to 3D printing, or simply need the higher quality and versatility found when using PolyJet technology. If you already own an Objet30, there are updates available for some models so you can also enjoy these new features and benefits. Contact TriMech Support to see if your machine qualifies. 

Learn more about these updated Objet models and how you can bring your entire product development process in-house and bring your products to market faster.


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