Product Launch: New Stratasys F120 3D Printer

   By TriMech Marketing on April 2, 2019

Stratasys announces the newest member to their growing F123 family: the Stratasys F120 bench-top FDM 3D printer. This latest addition makes the industrial 3D printing technologies of the most reliable printer series in the industry even more accessible to designing and engineering teams. The printer will be available at a significantly lower entry cost, all while keeping the build size the same and increasing material volume.

One glance and you can see what makes the F120 stand out from the other printers in the F123 series. The printing chamber has been separated from the enclosed material bays and can now sit alone on a bench or sturdy desktop. The larger material boxes (up to 200 cubic inches per box) are now self-enclosed and sit outside of the machine housing. However, despite this reduction to the overall size of the printer, the actual build size is still the same as the larger F170.  

Empowering Your Office and Your Workgroup

The F120 has been developed to incorporate industry-leading Stratasys technologies and the same reliability, ease-of-use and performance people love about the F123 Series. This new entry in the series has made a few changes to lower it’s price-point without sacrificing what makes the series so popular in the first place.

 >>  Check out other members of the F123 series here. 

Stratasys F120 front view

Core features that set the F120 apart from other desktop 3D printers include:

  • Superior part quality, accuracy and consistency
  • Rugged frame and enclosed heated chamber for best material control and results
  • Seamless Design-to-Print workflow with input from native CAD files
  • Enterprise-level workflow software
  • Functional engineering-grade materials and hands-free support removal
  • Lower cost per part than “low priced” printers

Stratasys F120 with F370

Some of the features that set the F120 apart from it’s larger brothers and sisters include:

  • Smaller overall size for greater flexibility in tight office or work spaces
  • Plug-and-Play ease of use right out of the box without special installation
  • Longer runs of continuous printing with larger material volume

The F120 will have a wide range of desired materials including ABS, ASA and SR-30 hands-free dissolvable support. All available at launch to ensure you will be able to start producing the models you need as soon as your printer is ready to run.

Shipping of the new F120 is expected to begin in July 2019. Pre-orders are now available.

Want to learn even more about the capabilities of the new Stratasys F120? Check out our product page for a complete spec sheet or request a quote today!

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