Product Launch: New Artec Micro Desktop Scanner

   By TriMech Marketing on May 14, 2019

Artec 3D announces the newest member to their growing line of 3D scanners: the Artec Micro. A first for Artec, this metrology-grade desktop 3D scanner is fully automated and moves the part while the scanning cameras remain stationary.

The mechanically controlled synchronization between the cameras and the dual-axis aperture is a key part of what allows for the incredible scan accuracy of up to 10 microns. How small is that? Ten microns about a tenth the size of a single grain of salt, and four times smaller than what is visible with the human eye

This is also an important product release for Artec as a company as it extends what is possible across their complete product portfolio. According to Artyom Yukhin, president and CEO of Artec 3D, “this latest addition to the Artec family of scanners brings Artec into the metrology market and fills an important niche for creating extremely accurate digital reproductions of small and tiny parts […] Now users can 3D scan almost any object with Artec 3D’s line of [scanners]; from a tiny mechanical part with Artec Micro to a jumbo jet with Artec Ray.”

Some of the features that set the Artec Micro apart from other similar scanners include:

  • Metrology-grade scans up to 10 microns accuracy
  • Fully-automated scanning with simplified “one-click” digital capture
  • Advanced tracking ensures the best data capture possible and eliminates the need for using targets around the object
  • Slim design for small footprint with the ability to image objects up to 90 × 60 × 60 mm (3.54 x 2.36 x 2.36 in)

Core Feature: Ease-of-Use

A primary feature of the new Artec Micro is its use-potential for both traditional and non-traditional engineering applications. This means making the interface intuitive enough for an end-user that may not be used to handling professional-grade equipment.


To summarize the workflow: after an object is placed on the circular scanning platform, the user chooses from a variety of smart scanning options and clicks to begin. The scanner automates the entire process and can be viewed in real-time within Artec Studio. Afterwards, the final model can be exported into SOLIDWORKS following the same workflow as Artec’s other handheld scanners. Artec’s webpage states that the actual product training is minimal and that users of all skill levels can learn to operate the technology in minutes, which is in line with what we’ve historically seen with Artec products.

Product Applications

3D Scanning continues to be a powerful tool for design, engineering, manufacturing and metrology. Below are a few examples of practical applications where the technology at this level of accuracy is being used.

Quality Inspection

Imagine using a small desktop 3D scanner as a supplement or replacement for a CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) in your QA process. Rather than taking dozens of touch point measurements one at a time, you could instead gather millions of data points in seconds to compare to the original CAD data to identify production defects or variations.

>> Read more about 3D scanning as a quality assurance tool

Reverse Engineering

Being able to take full color and 3-dimensional scan data of an existing object, can be used to reverse engineer the object’s geometry to create possible add-ons, packaging material and even to create a better version of the same part. Precise 3D measurement allows you to digitally fit together legacy parts with those you’re creating, capturing even the finest details that most other scanners miss. Accelerate your design, prototype, and production cycle and significantly reduce cost in the process.

>> Learn more by watching our on-demand webinar “3D Scan to CAD Model: The Full Process of Reverse Engineering”

Art and Design

Forget about the traditional method of calipers and tracing methods. In minutes, Artec Micro transforms intricate items into CAD/CAM data for design, modification, 3D printing, and casting. This saves hours of time in the design and production of complex and highly-detailed jewelry pieces. It also makes highly-detailed 3D models of small cultural objects in just minutes. These models can be easily shared with others locally and around the world or sent to a 3D printer for printing in a variety of materials.


Medical / Dentistry

Ideal for scanning single teeth, entire arches, or complex impressions, Artec Micro can create precise CAD/CAM-ready 3D scans for lab use and 3D printing. Ideal for making exact digital reproductions and archival copies of crowns and bridges, inlays and onlays, dentures, custom abutments, implants, and more.

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