Planning and Preparing Effective Business Messages

   By on October 2, 2019

These days, communication has evolved to be more technical. The days of multiple phone calls between people personally or professionally has moved to electronic forms to include texting, messaging and emailing. It is easy to type a quick message or note and move on to the next task. We sometimes do this without proofreading the message and it can lead to confusion and on occasion autocorrect can kick in and distort a message.

Calling a candidate can help you stand out

It may seem old school, but a phone conversation is best for relaying time-sensitive and important information to a potential new hire or candidate.

Some reasons why electronic communication can backfire:

  1. It is very easy to misinterpret the tone of a written message.
  2. Autocorrect can backfire and potentially cost a candidate to miss an interview.
  3. An email can get caught in a firewall and never be delivered.
  4. A person could simply not read a message or could have changed their mind and decided to just go radio silent.
  5. There is no opportunity to ask a live question.

But you shouldn’t just write an email because there are reasons not to, there are a ton of good reasons to pick up the phone and make the call! For example: 

  1. Eighty percent of a phone conversation is tonality! What better way to deliver a message, with excitement or empathy.
  2. It is more personal and sends the message that the person on the receiving end is worthy of your time.
  3. A phone conversation allows each party to ask questions and play off the others’ responses.
  4. If for some reason you are being ghosted, and the other party is not answering or returning your calls, you know.
  5. Builds bonds and rapport. Conversations lead to common denominators and small talk to break the ice.
  6. It sets you apart! In the technical world, everyone else is relying on electronic messaging- BE DIFFERENT!

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