Overcoming Manufacturing Challenges: Legacy Parts, Spare Parts and Part Inspection

There will always be challenges to overcome in business, and manufacturing is no different. The trick is being able to leverage new technology and techniques that not only prevent future challenges but can solve your existing ones as well. Specifically, let’s take a closer look at solving common problems regarding part production. 

About This Webinar

TriMech Additive Manufacturing Application Engineer, Dennis Barnum, talks about various part-related manufacturing challenges we are all familiar with (like trying to source a part from a supplier that no longer exists or won’t have it ready for you any time soon) and how newer technologies can be applied to solve them. Dennis will highlights how some of these technologies can be “stacked” to create an efficient engineering workflow and increase overall efficiency and productivity.

In this webinar, Dennis covers:

  • Common manufacturing problems
  • How Covid has exacerbated supply chain and logistics issues
  • Ways to resurrect old CAD files or hand-drafted models
  • How to ensure quality, accuracy, and precision with just a few clicks
  • How to get ahead of the curve with inventory and sourcing parts
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