Next Level Productivity in PolyJet Workflows with Automated Solutions

Using traditional PolyJet support removal methods can bring your company long wait times, warped or inconsistently finished parts and broad-scale efficiency limitations. This could mean your bottom line and productivity are likely suffering, but it doesn’t have to stay this way.

About This On-Demand Webinar

In our solution partner webinar, PostProcess Technical Trainer, Francesca Baird, explores a software-driven approach to PolyJet support removal. You discover how this automated full-stack solution can fit into your workflow and why it’s ideal for driving throughput and consistency while reducing operator time and the percent of parts damaged by post-printing. 

In this webinar, Francesca discusses:

  • Why today’s accepted support removal mode is a limitation to efficiency and scalability 
  • The ins and outs of a 3-pronged automated approach, including software, hardware and chemistry 
  • How intuitive software can minimize operator error and enable one-touch “press play and walk away” automation
  • How this solution can minimize manual labor and technician time by as much as 80%, subsequently increasing throughputs

Interested in learning more? Check out our surface finishing series, Different Tech for Different Materials.

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