New Stratasys Materials: Diran, Antero, UltraClear and More!

   By TriMech Marketing on October 24, 2019

Stratasys offers multiple 3D printing options to help your designs come to life. FDM printers use production-grade thermoplastics to create parts that are designed to be durable, easily replicated and stable over time. PolyJet printers provide unmatched realism with multi-colored prints and textures. Stratasys has taken them a step further with these new material additions.

  • DiranDiran: This nylon-based thermoplastic filament showcases exceptional toughness with resistance to hydrocarbon-based chemicals. It maintains a lubricious smooth surface that has a low-friction texture. Ideal for non-marring, factory floor tooling that can requires strength and resistance

    Printer: F370 Exclusive  


  • Antero ESDAntero ESD (Antero 840CN03): With unprecedented strength, this high-performance PEKK-based electrostatic discharge thermoplastic can resist heat and chemicals with ease. As a light-weight alternative to metal, this material still packs a punch by producing highly-customizable and ultra-low gassing parts. Ideal for production parts and prototyping electronics.

    Printer: F900 Exclusive   


  • VeroUltraClear:VeroUltraClear J850 Rectangle Cube A This transparent PolyJet digital material combines clarity, strength and impact resistance to simulate polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), also know as acrylic, to achieve 86% light transmission. This addition to the Vero line brings a new level of clarity and less yellow tent to finished products. 

    Printer: J835/J850 Exclusive


  • DraftGreyDraftGrey: Print twice as fast as the High Speed mode with this new PolyJet DraftGrey material. The J-Series of printers offer a Super High Speed print mode that is made possible exclusively with DraftGrey making them the fastest time-to-part printer available. Concept models with this material will have medium opacity and a smooth finish.

    Printer: J835/J850


  • Digital Anatomy Materials J750DAPDigital Anatomy Materials: These materials can be used with the J750 Digital Anatomy Printer (DAP) to create an ultra-realistic anatomical simulation that is perfect for training medical students and emerging surgeons. This combination can replicate the look, feel and responsiveness of actual human tissue. It can even replicate the difference between healthy and diseased tissue.
      • Tissuematrix: The absolute softest translucent material in 3D printing used to mimic the look and feel of heart tissue.
      • Bonematrix: This material is strong yet flexible and capable of maintaining its shape with memory. Imitate connective tissue and bone with varing levels of toughness.
      • Gelmatrix: The support that offers easy, unattended cleaning of parts down to 1mm diameter similar to the size of blood vessels. 
    Printer: J750 DAP Exclusive


Additionally, Stratasys has now made more material options available for the Stratasys F370 printer.

  • ABSEDS7ABS-ESD7: A static dissipative thermoplastic that is engineered for products that need to prevent static charge that can cause damage to products. These static charges could lead to an explosion in a flammable environment which can cause unrest for any product developer. ESD provides protection from this hazard while maintaining the cost efficiency and versatility of ABS.

Ready to learn more about PolyJet and FDM materials? View the multiple options available for each material.


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