New Product Launches in 2020… So Far

   By TriMech Marketing on July 1, 2020

This year has brought a lot of new options to make your in-house design and development process smoother than ever before. 2020 has delivered exciting solutions throughout the realm of 3D technology and has been another banner year for additive manufacturing as the industrial-level technology becomes smaller and more affordable. Below is our list of the major announcements so far this year in case you missed any of them.

Listed in no particular order:

Stratasys_J55The Stratasys J55: The J-series of Stratasys PolyJet 3D printers just got its newest member, the J55. This affordable solution brings ideas to life right from your office or studio environment. The PANTONE-validated machine is the first 3D printer to use a rotational sequence that allows to produce high-quality parts at more speed, reducing your design cycle and time to market. The J55 produces the same accurate parts as other members in its family and has a smaller footprint. Create unlimited patterns and textures with this new machine.

METHOD X Carbon Fiber EditionMakerBot METHOD Carbon Fiber Extruder: MakerBot has been continuously expanding the capabilities of their METHOD platform. To continue this trend, they recently launched the newest addition to the METHOD platform, a carbon fiber extruder. With this new extruder, the printer can produce stronger parts with a carbon fiber-infused composite material. The carbon fiber extruder uses a superior nylon fiber parts material that is heat resistant. You can purchase a new METHOD or METHOD X with this new extruder, or if you already have the platform, you can purchase the extruder separately and ramp up your production capabilities.

J826 The Stratasys J826: Earlier this year, Stratasys launched a new member for their J-series family of PolyJet 3D Printers, the J826. This new addition is an entry-level PolyJet 3D printer that brings multi-material and full-color in a single print to the enterprise design world. With the J826, designers will have the capability of combining rigid to flexible materials and print different textures without having to manually replace materials. Ultra-realistic simulation is now more accessible and affordable with the J726.

MakerBot Sketch ClassroomMakerBot SKETCH Classroom: If you are looking for a complete start-up kit for incorporating 3D printing into your curriculum, this MakerBot SKETCH Classroom package brings everything you need. It includes two 3D printers (with materials), 600+ lesson plans, cloud integration and MakerBot Certification for you and your students. This kit really takes the guesswork out of bringing this opportunity to your students.

Artec Studio 15Artec Studio 15: Our 3D scanner partner, Artec, just launched the Studio 15, an update to their professional 3D scanning processing and data software. You can easily scan data using the Artec Studio, thanks to its Radar mode. It analyzes the surface of your object and automatically adjusts the sensitivity of your scanner to pick up even tricky areas for 3D scanning. Some of the new features include essential scan-to-CAD features that make everyday quality control and reverse engineering tasks easier and a smooth user experience. Explore more of the new features included in the Studio 15 update here.


SOLIDWORKS 2020: The launch of SOLIDWORKS 2020 brought new enhancements and benefits available with your SOLIDWORKS subscription. Some of the highlighted features include new simulation tools, Outlook and PDM integration, streamlined workflows and a connected design to manufacturing ecosystem. Our team put together a list with some of the key features for you to explore. Check them out here: Tips from SOLIDWORKS Past, What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2020 and 3D Innovation Spotlight.


New to TriMech – PostProcess Technologies: We have partnered with PostProcess Technologies to bring you FDM and PolyJet post-processing solutions. PostProcess is recognized as the only provider of automated and intelligent support removal systems that combines software and hardware to reduce the cost of labor and create consistent, high-quality results for 3D printed parts. Our clients will benefit from these products by reducing manual labor, improving consistency and reducing their production cycle time. Explore the PostProcess products available here.

There you have it, the complete list of newness from these impressive 3D technologies. What stood out to you most?  You can can updated with the latest information on these and other news by reading one of the industry’s best blogs

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