New Product Launches in 2019… So Far

   By TriMech Marketing on June 30, 2019

2019 has been a very exciting year so far, with a notable number of new product releases for 3D technologies and across the additive manufacturing landscape. Specifically for TriMech, we’ve seen almost all of our solution partners release new products or significant product updates. Below is our list of the major announcements so far this year in case you missed any of them.

Listed in no particular order:

pantone1Worlds First PANTONE Validated 3D Printer: This year saw the Stratasys PolyJet J735/J750 be the first 3D printer to successfully pass the rigorous requirements needed to become PANTONE color validated. Designers and manufacturers around the world are rejoicing! This changes the game for 3D printing as design and prototype colors can now be matched with 100% specificity, making the process from concept to final product even more accurate.  

PRODUCTS-X-DESIGN-flexibility-design-cloud-wireframe-001-1SOLIDWORKS xDesign: This cloud-based design application is a new way of looking at CAD design. The product can be run on Windows, Mac or Linux systems, and is location independent since it can be run from a mobile computer or tablet. It is fully integrated into the 3DEXPERIENCE platform which means this application can do some pretty interesting things that you can’t do with traditional SOLIDWORKS alone.

Stratasys_F120_552x407_3Stratasys F120 3D Printer: This latest addition to the growing F123 family makes the industrial 3D printing technologies of the most reliable printer series in the industry even more accessible to designing and engineering teams. The printer will be available at a significantly lower entry cost, all while keeping the build size the same and increasing material volume.

DraftSight 2019:
Since its first launch in 2010, DraftSight has been designed to help users create/edit DWG files with powerful CAD tools and functionality. This latest release incorporates survey feedback from millions of DraftSight users and adds the most asked-for capabilities and greater functionality. It also shuffles the deck with regards to the old product portfolio and reallocates both old and new features across a new streamlined suite of products.


Stratasys V650 Flex 3D Printer: The first stereolithography printer from Stratasys, it offers the speed and precision of SL 3D printing in a large, open-source, configurable architecture. Open-source material capability and the ability to configure the printer for different materials gives operators the flexibility of using any 355nm resin starting with four pre-qualified DSM Somos® resins, engineered for specific applications. 


Artec Micro Desktop 3D Scanner: A first for Artec, this metrology-grade desktop 3D scanner is fully automated and moves the part while the scanning cameras remain stationary. The mechanically controlled synchronization between the cameras and the dual-axis aperture is a key part of what allows for the incredible scan accuracy of up to 10 microns. How small is that? Ten microns is about a tenth the size of a single grain of salt, and four times smaller than what is visible with the human eye.

MakerBot Method-2

MakerBot Method 3D Printer: The first performance 3D printer that bridges the gap between industrial and desktop 3D printing. Built with improved, patented industrial technologies from Stratasys, combined with MakerBot’s industry-leading accessibility and smart workflow features. The Method is designed for professionals who need immediate access to a 3D printer in order to speed up their design cycles.

CAM Image 1 (1)

SOLIDWORKS CAM Machinist: A new addition to the SOLIDWORKS line of CAM products, this package is a 2.5-axis milling and turning solution powered by CAMWorks® which core focus is rules-based machining. You can teach the system what standard machining strategies are vital and then apply these rules automatically based on the material type and geometry. 
DriveWorksLogo-ConfigureAutomate-Black-PrintDriveWorks 17: DriveWorks is a powerful design automation and configurator software that gives companies a competitive advantage when offering customized products. The development team continues to take customer feedback and provide exciting enhancements to make the software more powerful and easier to use, and this latest update is no exception.  

SOLIDWORKS 2019: We’ve saved arguably the largest update for last. The annual update to the SOLIDWORKS line of products is always something worth knowing about, especially if you already have a product subscription since you get all the new enhancements and benefits for free. Our Application Engineers have produced over 30 videos worth of content you can’t find anywhere else.
Video LP_SW 2019 whats new


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