New Blog Series: Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2019 [UPDATED]

   By TriMech Marketing on January 4, 2019

Banner_(2019)Top 11 Features_Blog Series (5)The release of SOLIDWORKS 2019 provides many enhancements and improvements, most of which were created in response to requests from customers like yourself. These enhancements deliver improvements to existing products as well as introduce new functionality.

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Infographic_Top 11 Best Features in SW 2019We asked our engineers to pick their favorite new features from the SOLIDWORKS 2019 release. Below is the complete list of their top 11 picks and the enhancements. 

We’ve created videos and deep-dives into each of them which are now all currently available to view!

  1. 3D Textures- Easily add complex textures to your models with just a few steps. With 3D texture, you can convert traditional 2D appearances to 3D geometry. 
  2. Graphics Pipe- SOLIDWORKS 2019 performs better than ever with the addition of the new graphics pipe functionality. Taking advantage of this option enables a new visual workflow that offers the best graphics to performance yet, especially with large assemblies.
  3. Partial Fillet & Chamfer- Fillets and chamfers can now be defined using a custom length for geometry. This offers much-needed flexibility in your design workflow. 
  4. Interference Detection for Multibody Parts- Now a favorite tool has been extended from assemblies to include parts. The Interference Detection can now be used to check for interference of multibody parts. 
  5. Measure Anywhere- The measure tool can now be used anytime, anywhere in SOLIDWORKS. You no longer have to exit a command to leverage this tool because it’s now “measure anywhere.”
  6. Structure System- This is a brand new environment for working with weldments. With new tools and functionality, the structure system environment is the easiest way to create weldments structures in SOLIDWORKS 2019. 
  7. Removed Section View- A brand new Section View added to SOLIDWORKS 2019 offers a way to easily show the complexities of your designs in 2D drawings. 
  8. Section Slice- The Section Slice allows you to quickly create cross-section slides through your geometry. With this tool, you create sketches and planes at the intersection of the reference geometry. Great for working with imported mesh geometry. 
  9. Touchscreen & Handwritten Notes- Now you can take full advantage of your touchscreen computer and add handwritten notes to your SOLIDWORKS drawings and models. It’s an easy way to share your design intent in SOLIDWORKS 2019. 
  10. Geodesic Entities- Geodesic Entities are a brand new sketch tool added to SOLIDWORKS 2019. A Geodesic Offset creates the shortest possible distance between the edge that is going to be used and the resultant offset entity on the curvature surface. 
  11. Better BOMs- Bill of Materials are now improved with SOLIDWORKS 2019 and the addition of the component preview. An image of the geometry can be added to the BOM for improved clarity of your designs. This can even be included in the export whenever you easily export BOMs from SOLIDWORKS 2019 to Excel.

Do you want to learn more about the SOLIDWORKS 2019 enhancements and updates? Download our infographic highlighting TriMech’s Top 11 Favorite Features in SOLIDWORKS 2019.

Top 11 Best Features in SOLIDWORKS 2019 (1)

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