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   By TriMech Marketing on June 15, 2021

As engineering and design needs evolve, new challenges must be overcome. Adapting to change and understanding the needs of clients while providing cutting-edge solutions is a necessity to staying on top, both in technology and price point. Stratasys continually pushes the boundaries of 3D printing with these important factors in mind and recently launched their newest innovations as a firm testament to that.

Whether you are an in-house engineer looking for something that offers multi-material options with a smaller footprint, an in-house designer with a desire to generate maximum output, or a medical professional that wants to produce high-quality, certified models, you will absolutely love the fantastic options that are now available in the 3D printing space from Stratasys.

New 3D Printing Solutions Snapshot

Let’s take a quick peek at some primary details of this new technology:

  • Stratasys J35 Pro
    The J35 Pro is a low-cost PolyJet 3D printing solution suitable for a shared office environment with the ability to print fine detail, rubber-like, and functional parts all in a small desktop machine for unbeatable efficiency.
  • Stratasys J55 Prime
    The J55 Prime expands on the J55’s full-color and full transparent modeling with new materials that add additional realism and part functionality. The J55 Prime’s expanded material offering includes Shore 40A rubberized (Elastico) and High Impact (D-ABS) to improve part functionality and VeroUltraClear and VeroUltra™ Black & White to expand the J55’s range of PANTONE™ validated colors and improve graphical definition.
  • Stratasys J5 MediJet™
    The J5 MediJet is a certified system that offers materials and multicolor capabilities for creating brilliantly vivid pre-surgical planning models, education and training models, medical device development models and drilling and cutting guides (with approved 3rd party 510k cleared segmentation software) that are sterilizable and biocompatible.

J35 Pro

Stratasys J35 Pro 3D PrinterThe new Stratasys J35 Pro is extremely versatile with in-house engineering-grade, multi-material 3D printing capabilities, making it your all-in-one solution for cost-saving, high-fidelity prototypes. Built with the ability to handle the various complex stages of the product development cycle in a wide range of industries, including consumer electronics, education, automotive, aerospace and medical devices, the J35 Pro 3D printer is able to produce models, parts and prototypes that meet your needs.

Top 5 Reasons to own the Stratasys J35 Pro 3D printer:

  1. Multi-Material Capabilities – Use three different materials separately or simultaneously to produce parts that meet your needs.
  2. Affordable Realism – Design realistic, high-quality parts and prototypes with this all-in-one, multi-material printer for a lower investment compared to other PolyJet multi-material solutions.
  3. Office-Friendly Design – Get all the benefits of an in-house engineering-grade printer without the hassles thanks to a small footprint and a silent and odor-free operation.
  4. Easy Workflow – Access a full ecosystem of workflow tools to streamline design, including cloud-based service, print-to-click options, on-demand training and an online community.
  5. High Reliability – Get a fully functional, highly reliable printer that requires little maintenance.

>> J35 JPro Data Sheet

J55 Prime

Stratasys J55 Prime 3D PrinterFrom perfecting products to applying concepts learned in the classroom, the Stratasys J55 Prime can help you realize any number of design ideas with consistent, stable performance that requires zero mechanical calibrations. The J55 offers a rotating print platform for outstanding surface finish and print quality and features multi-material capabilities and material configurations for both industrial and mechanical design.

The J55 Prime goes beyond visual printing by adding tactile and functional capabilities to your in-house design process. From fast concept models to quality high-fidelity prototypes, the office-friends Stratasys J55 Prime gives maximum designer output in an affordable package all while fitting seamlessly into a professional space.

Top 5 Reasons to own the Stratasys J55 Prime 3D Printer:

  1. Compact – The J55 Prime features the best-in-class footprint to printing tray ratio on the market, which means less bulk in your office and a better yield with more options.
  2. Odor free – Studios, offices and classrooms are not production facilities – and shouldn’t need to be. The smell-free system uses a ProAero Air Extractor to effectively capture and filter out fumes, for a safe and odor-free operation.
  3. Ultra-Quiet – The J55 Prime is ultra-quiet, operating under 53 decibels – that’s about the same as a household refrigerator.
  4. Cost-Effective – The Stratasys J55 Prime makes transforming your workflow a cinch while offering multi-material prototyping – at an accessible price.
  5. Ease of use – Leverage an intuitive, three-step color 3D printing workflow – design, import, and print. Simply import designs using native CAD files or 3MF file formats and send models to the J55 Prime using GrabCAD Print software.

>> J55 Prime Datasheet

J5 MediJet

J5 Stratasys J5 MediJet Kidney Model PrinterThe Stratasys J5 MediJet is a medical 3D printer that sets a new standard for healthcare providers and medical device companies by combining multiple applications in one system. With multiple materials and multi-color capabilities, the J5 MediJet enables users to create highly detailed 3D anatomical models and drilling and cutting guides with approved third-party 510k-cleared segmentation software. Guides and models are certified as sterilizable and biocompatible, and the printer is economical and compact enough for small lab spaces. In operation, the J5 MediJet features a patented rotating build platform with a fixed print head. This is designed to maximize reliability and simplify maintenance.

Using the J5 MediJet, you can realize a cost savings of 30% lower cost per part compared to outsourcing along with production time savings with a 30% faster print time than comparable printing solutions. (Compared to six types of anatomical models printed with Formlabs Form3, Projet 3600, Projet 6000, and Mimaki 3DUJ-553)

Top 5 Reasons to own the Stratasys J5 MediJet 3D Printer:

  1. Multi-Material, Multicolor, Sterilizable and Biocompatible Capabilities – With multiple materials and multicolor capabilities, you can create brilliantly vivid anatomical models, and drilling and cutting guides.*
  2. Efficiency – You can print more models with less handling in a small footprint allowing you to service multiple departments and create more medical models with less handling. Plus, with a lower up-front investment and smaller footprint, MediJet™ is economical and compact enough for small lab spaces.
  3. Simplify Your Workflow – Using GrabCAD Print you can design and increase production of highly accurate and detailed medical models with ease. This software automatically corrects files and reduces print time with automatic tray arrangement. And a new feature alerts the user if there has been cross-contamination with a biocompatible material.
  4. Improve Point-of-Care and Patient Satisfaction – The use of patient-specific 3D printed medical models for pre-surgical planning improves patient outcomes by reducing complications, decreasing operation time and length of hospital stays.
    Plus, patient understanding, consent and satisfaction have been shown to improve with the use of 3D medical models.
  5. Enhance Training and Education Programs – Scale up your product demonstrations when training field staff and physicians on your new medical device by providing models that replicate the disease state your device is intended to treat. If you’re a teaching hospital, print the exact pathology on-demand and train anywhere without cadaver storage requirements or ethical concerns associated with animal models.

>> J5 MediJet DataSheet

Why are these new releases important?

Now that we reviewed the new solutions that are now available, the next question is – why does it matter? As your 3D technology partner, we’re really excited because we have more tools to help you solve your engineering and design problems, whether that means you want to leverage the technology directly or have us do it for you. 

  • This now means offering in-house designers versatile 3D printing with engineering-grade, multi-material 3D printing capabilities using the J35.
  • The Stratasys J55 3D printer gives you the ability to produce high-quality fast concept models high-fidelity prototypes using Pantone color technology in a small footprint.
  • Last, the J5 MediJet finally gives medical professionals a high-quality solution to sterilizable and biocompatible models and drilling and cutting guides.

The introduction of these new products, all within the TriMech ecosystem means we can offer a wider range of solutions to help you clear your business’s engineering hurdles. We know that applications drive the selection of a 3D printing solution, and now with the addition of these three new platforms to TriMech’s portfolio, we can all benefit from the expanded capabilities to collectively solve more engineering and design problems.

>> See the Early 2021 Stratasys Technology Offering Expansion

As one of the largest SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys Resellers in the nation, TriMech strives to offer the best engineering software and hardware solutions possible to our clients. We’ve also focused our attention on the growth of our Rapid Prototyping Service Center. This massive new facility has been designed with the consumer in mind.

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