Masterclass Part 1: Sketching

Sketching is the backbone of any CAD tool. Because sketching is such a common practice, we can often overlook the possibility that there could be more to learn. Additionally, just like you’ve learned best practices for 3D modeling, there are best practices for sketching as well.

Today we’ll be focusing largely on options, keyboard commands, and functionality that will help to boost your efficiency. Because sketching ultimately leads to solid bodies and surfaces, we’ll also be looking at sketch tools to improve your modeling.

About This On-Demand Webinar

TriMech Solutions Consultant, Matt Siddall, will start off by looking at sketch relations and dimensions and how we can get the output from SOLIDWORKS that we want from our initial commands. The goal here will be to eliminate the need to make adjustments or additions to our sketches when we don’t need to. From here we’ll look at some sketch tools and options that will improve your workflow and yield better results in your final parts. Finally, we’ll take what we’ve learned and expand into 3D sketches. Here we’ll look at the nuance of working in 3D sketches and the flexibility they can add to your design.

During this On-Demand Webinar you will learn:

  • Options and keyboard commands to improve sketching efficiency
  • Sketching best practices
  • Uncommonly used sketch commands
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