Mastercam Wire EDM Thread Break

   By Dave Matsuzek on August 11, 2023

This blog features a quick tip for Mastercam Wire users. I’ll be discussing breaking entities for chaining purposes, and there’s a hidden feature in Mastercam Wire that many people are unaware of.

If you’re familiar with Mastercam Wire, you’ve likely encountered this scenario: you create a contour, select a thread point and chain, and end up with the wire threading at the thread point and immediately moving to the start of the chain to cut around it.

Traditionally, users would manually break the entity where they wanted the chain to start. They would break the entity into two pieces to achieve the desired result. While this approach solves the problem, it requires an extra step of manually breaking the entity. However, Mastercam Wire provides an automatic solution. Let me show you how it works.

When you go to the contour option, look for the Chaining section and click on “Options.” Within Mastercam Wire, there is an option called “Break closest entity to thread point.” Enable this option.

Contour option mastercam

Now, when you click on your thread point and select the chain, observe the magic. Click “OK” twice, and you will notice that the entity is automatically broken at the point closest to the thread point. As a result, your threading will start where you intended, cutting around the chain as expected. This feature saves you the trouble of manually breaking entities.

I wanted to share this useful tip with all of you. If you have any further questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. This topic is covered in our Mastercam Wire class.

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Dave Matsuzek

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