Mastercam Crashing Checklist

   By Aric Duprey on January 4, 2023

This Mastercam crashing checklist should remedy your issues and get you back to using Mastercam quickly.

  1. Go to your graphics card OEM website, example, and download and install their latest graphics driver for your specific graphics card.
  2. Adjust Mastercam to be dedicated to that graphics card (see link for full instructions) Also, when in the nVidia control center, if available, under global settings, your preferred graphics processor, set this to HIGH performance.
  3. If you only have onboard graphics, and not a dedicated graphics card click start/programs/ mastercam(version) /advanced configuration/graphics support/DISABLE the hardware acceleration.
  4. Perform / force a Windows update to their latest build of your operating system.
  5. We have noticed several times lately, that the monitors were actually plugged into the PC’s onboard/motherboard graphics plug and not plugged into the actual graphics card. Please verify.
  6. With Mastercam closed, navigate to C:\users\username\documents\mymcam20XX.. right click the mymcam20XX and rename this to OLDmymcam20XX to rebuild the configuration.
  7. Right click the Mastercam icon, properties, compatibility mode, run as administrator.
  8. Verify that the paths that are in the registry match the location of the mymastercam(version) and the shared Mastercam folders
    1. Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CNC Software, Inc.\Mastercam 20XX
    2. Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\CNC Software, Inc.\Mastercam 20XX

If the above steps do not seem to remedy your issues, please send TriMech the Mastercam Inspector Utility Report for further review. Download here.

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Aric Duprey

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