Making Sheet Metal Parts Easy in SOLIDWORKS

   By TriMech Marketing on September 20, 2018

Sheet metal parts in SOLIDWORKS are easy to make thanks to the powerful set of tools, that enable users to model just about everything they can think of. In this week’s Video Tech Tip, we take an in-depth look to one of the sheet metal features: the hem tool.


One of the best things about SOLIDWORKS is that core modeling functionality is included with SOLIDWORKS Standard. A very diverse and powerful toolset, capable of modeling most anythin, is found in the standard package. It’s a complete set of parts, assemblies, drawings, weldments, sheet metal, surfacing and more. When it comes to core modeling features of SOLIDWORKS, the sheet metal tools are some of the most powerful.

Hems are great for adding structural integrity, hiding burrs and rough edges and even to improve the part’s appearance. They are created when a sheet metal edge is rolled over onto itself, typically on the long selected edge of a sheet metal part. In SOLIDWORKS there are many types of hems you can add to fit your design intent. These include closed, open, teardrop and rolled hems.

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