Making a Career Change? Finding Work Through a Staffing Agency Can Help

   By on July 18, 2018

Making a career change can be a very frustrating and isolating task. Spending countless hours searching through job postings, updating your resume and filling out applications can feel like a full-time position itself. So why not get a helping hand and let a staffing agency do the heavy lifting for you? Many people think that a staffing agency is a waste of their time because they only provide entry-level, temporary jobs. Others believe that agencies don’t provide many benefits to job seekers, neither of which is true.

How Does a Staffing Agency Work?

The fundamental task of a staffing agency is to bridge the gap between the employer and the job seeker. As you’re looking for a job, the agency works to understand your needs, technical expertise and industry experience to match you with the best available position. Many employers rely on staffing agencies to aid them in the search for the right people for the job. This is great news for you! By registering with a staffing agency, you are increasing your potential to connect with multiple employers. Here are three ways that a staffing agency helps you find work.

1. Agency Experience

You may think finding a new job will be like “last time,” but the job market is always changing. By the time you’re ready to change positions, your perspective will probably be out-of-date. Your industry’s market will not be the same as it was five, three or even one year ago. Staffing recruiters, however, deal with the job search process daily and keep up with market trends. They offer a unique outlook that you, as a job seeker, cannot have.

2. Company Insight

Applying to jobs can feel like you’re talking to yourself. If you get denied a position without any feedback from the company, you may become frustrated about why you weren’t a good fit for the role. A recruiter, on the other hand, can work with you to assess why you were passed over and help improve your search moving forward. Staffing recruiters have gained insight over the years, which is hard to find anywhere else. Since they work with the same clients time and time again, they know better than anyone what a company typically is looking for, and what their major turn-offs are.

3. Early Position Opportunity Awareness 

One of the most valuable benefits a staffing agency can offer you is the fact that they know about positions before they hit the general public and even some opportunities that don’t have an official job posting. This gives you an edge above all the other applicants because you can apply to positions that others could never access themselves. Companies trust staffing agencies to deliver great candidates, because of this you can get hired without an official job posting.

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