MakerBot LABS Expands Capabilities of the MakerBot Method

   By TriMech Marketing on December 12, 2019

MakerBot recently announced that it was further expanding the material capabilities of its Method platform with a new experimental MakerBot LABS print head and what they are calling the “Partner Materials Development Program.” This opens up the Method platform to use a potentially unlimited number of materials as filament suppliers can now qualify their 3D printing materials for the platform in-house. Engineers and designers can discover the resulting pre-qualified materials from leading filament companies to explore new 3D printing applications.  

MakerBot LABS Extruder The innovation behind this program is the modular hardware and advanced print settings that will be available in the new MakerBot LABS Experimental Extruder. As is core to MakerBot products; the ease-of-use was critically important and all that is required to start using these new experimental materials is to simply swap the LABS Extruder into the model bay of either the MakerBot Method or MakerBot Method X printer and adjust the settings in the MakerBot Print software. 

New Materials Available at Launch

A growing number of partners are working to qualify filament for use with the MakerBot LABS Experimental Extruder. Companies interested in joining the MakerBot Materials Development Program can contact MakerBot at

    An ABS composite material with 30% chopped carbon fiber for improved stiffness and lower weight.
  • PETG ESD from JABIL 
    An easy processing, Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) product for printing parts that meet sensitive electronics and could be damaged by electrostatic discharge.
  • DURABIO™ from Mitsubishi Chemical 
    Bio-based, BPA free resin. It combines PMMA’s transparency with a higher chemical and scratch resistance compared to polycarbonate.
  • PC-FR from Polymaker PolyMax™
    A flame retardant polycarbonate (PC) filament (UL94V-0/1.5 mm) displaying excellent toughness, strength and heat resistance.

MakerBot LABS Materials The two versions of the MakerBot Method are well-known for their carefully controlled environments that lead to repeatable prints that previously were only possible with industrial 3D printers. These two printers are the same in size, but vary when it comes to chamber temperatures and materials. 

MakerBot Method MakerBot Method X

MakerBot Method

Controlled Chamber Temperature: 60oC

MakerBot Standard materials include:

  • PLA
  • PETG

MakerBot Method X

Controlled Chamber Temperature: 100oC

MakerBot Standard materials include:

  • PLA
  • PETG
  • ABS
  • ASA

The MakerBot LABS Experimental Extruder will be available for sale in spring 2020. In the meantime, MakerBot is launching an open beta for select current customers starting in December 2019.

Ahead of the full release of the new extruder head and materials, learn more about how MakerBot printed ABS compares to traditional ABS. Download our free white paper. 

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