Make Your Own Solution: Custom Car Logo

   By Chris Duchaine on September 23, 2016

Join me, one of TriMech’s Application Engineers, as I help a friend replace an old, chipped Chevy logo with a 3D printed replacement. I used SOLIDWORKS and the Stratasys uPrint 3D printer to make this logo in only a few hours. 

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Finding a 3D Solution:

Over time, normal wear and tear is expected to take its toll on your vehicle. Your once shiny new car will accumulate scratches and dings that may become an eye sore. Fortunately, with the help of 3D printers, users are not only able to replace these tarnished plates, but they can now make unique finished products as well.

CAD Design Process:

Before you can start customizing your part, you must create design a 3D model of the automobile logo using SOLIDWORKS. With the capabilities in SOLIDWORKS, users can add a personal touch to the part by choosing different colors, adding text or adjusting textures. For example, I add a sentimental date to the Chevy logo that will personalize the final product. Once the design process is complete, the next step is sending digital files to a printer. phonto.jpg

Printing Process:

Using the uPrint SE Plus 3D printer, which has two print heads, the logo is created in two prints. The first head creates the base and support material of the logo, while the second head prints hard ABS plastic that the part is made of.

Once the part was printed, I removed the plate and then broke off the finished part with the support material attached to it. Then, I placed the part into the wash station to dissolve the support material. Finally, I mounted the finished logo onto the vehicle!

I couldn’t have described the 3D printing and design process any better by saying, “Not only can you make things to actually fit a function, but you can make things to look good, too.”

See how else I printed my own solutions in blog two of the series, Make Your Own Solution: Crab Grabber.

Ready to 3D print parts for your car? Discover how to use VeroVivid colors on your automotive parts in our guide.

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