Make Your Own Solution: Crab Grabber

   By Chris Duchaine on October 28, 2016

After 3D printing custom car logos in the first “Make Your Own Solution” blog, the second topic of the series is a very serious matter—crabs! Depending on where you live, you may experience crabs scurrying through your house or office and be in need of a crab grabbing solution. Well, you’re in luck.

In part two of the blog series, I explain how I used SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys uPrint SE Plus to design and print a crab grabbing model in less than a day. Watch this video to see how I made my own solution.

CAD Design Process:

Print Your Own Solution_Crabs.jpgIn order to alleviate a crab infestation, I designed and developed a three-part crab-grabbing tool made up of two clamps with handles and a pin. I used SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software to design a custom solution that doesn’t require manufacturing three different parts. By doing this, I was able to cut down assembly and time.

3D Printing Process:
Print Your Own Solution_Crabs4.jpgOnce I tested my design in SOLIDWORKS, I was ready to start the 3D printing process using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology. Using the Stratasys uPrint SE Plus allowed a wide option of materials, fast prints and quality end-use of his prototype.

This 3D printer has two heads that 1.) prints Print Your Own Solution_Crabs5.jpgwhite support material and 2.) prints model material. Not only does the support material hold together three individual parts, but it also is key to fast post-processing. Once the crab grabber was completely printed, I placed it into the wash station where support material was dissolved, and the final product was ready to use.

While you may not have the need to print a crab grabber, we hope that our blog series inspires you to think outside of the box. Making your own solutions can be fun, fast and easy especially when you use quality printers like uPrint SE Plus. See what other FDM Technology you can use to print your own solution, by clicking the link below.

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Chris Duchaine

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